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Valentine’s Day Accessories

14 Feb

I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to last week’s SAO Says question – Do you wear a Valentine-y outfit on Valentines Day?

Given that today is already Valentine’s Day, I suppose it’s too late for shopping advice. But I decided to do some window shopping for accessories I think would add a subtle but cute Valentine’s note to my outfit.

I’m a much bigger fan of red than pink and I think something like this looks ‘special occasion’ yet not tacky Valentine-y.


Plus it’s on sale! Only $787.50. What a steal!
(Image from Bloomingdales)

This one is pink and maybe a little too Valentine-y, but I love it.


Image from J Crew

And, finally, from the I could actually afford this section, this adorable fuchsia scarf from Old Navy:

Image from Old Navy

Image from Old Navy

Did you end up wearing anything Valentine’s-inspired today?