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Beyond Victoria’s Secret

17 Jan


I’m not always the most perceptive, but I have noticed that once you’re past a certain age (and I’m talking 25 here, maybe 30) you’re supposed to be too classy for Victoria’s Secret. Certainly as far as bras go, you’re theoretically supposed to be looking for higher quality in both the fitting process and product. Is this right? I mean, my current bras come from Motherhood Maternity and have clips for nursing, so clearly I’m not one to talk. My underwear also may be from a certain low-budget maternity store and, no, I have not been pregnant for 18 months now. (They’re comfortable, okay?)

Honestly, being as I’ve always believed no one should ever have words on their behind, I was never much of a Victoria’s Secret shopper. Still, with no Nordstroms nearby to go to for a bra fitting (sob), can you help a lady out? Where should I go?

(photo credit: Victoria’s Secret. All of the Nordstrom ones had actual ladies in the bra and I didn’t feel like hitting you with that unexpectedly.)