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Tassel Hassle

13 May

I want a nice plain gold necklace that looks like a tassle. I really don’t think that should be too much to ask.

This tassel necklace would be great it if wasn’t all “Look! I’m from Coach! LOOK AT MY BRAND!” And also if it didn’t cost more than $150.

Tassel Necklace - Coach

Vince Camuto’s tassel necklace is only 16″ long, though it is better at $98. It also has “gems,” to which I say, “Meh.”

Tassel Necklace - Vince Camuto

Zappos is selling a different Vince Camuto tassel necklace for only $38. But it is still too short.

Tassel Necklace - Zappos

Kendra Scott has a tassel necklace that is long enough- yay! But the necklace is more about the colored stone pendant than the tassel- boo!

Tassel Necklace - Kendra Scott

This Stella & Dot necklace might be the winner. It’s $138, which is more than I want to spend. But it is a plain gold tassel, it’s pretty, and you can adjust the length.

Tassel Necklace - Stella & Dot

In shocking news (to me, at least), J Crew’s tassel necklace is actually less expensive than Stella & Dots! It is only $68, though it seems to be backordered until July at this point.

Tassel Necklace - J Crew


Details, details

20 Mar

Sometimes it’s the subtle details that really make an outfit or a piece of clothing great. Take for instance the slightly darker wash on the side of these pants from Anthropologie. It’s a pretty basic pair of jeans, but that tuxedo stripe makes it a bit special — and lengthens the leg.


Jess at Just Expresive is great at details like this. She always has on a piece of jewelry or a simple piece of clothing with a surprising detail — a keyhole back, a tie closure, unexpected embroidery — that really makes it HER.

I try to keep this in mind when I shop and when I get dressed every day. The littlest things can make me happy.

Like these gold glitter shoes:



This teal pendant:

(Found at Serenity Blue in St. Augustine, Fla. You probably could find something similar on Etsy or a place like Francesca’s.)


Or the leopard print on these sunglasses:


(Found at Target. These are similar and also from that fine establishment.)


I find it’s usually these little finishing touches that people notice. What are your favorite little details?

Fake bling

14 Mar

(Do we still say bling? Did we ever? Or do people hate that word?)

I was going though boxes in our basement the other day and came across my stash of fake engagement rings. When I was in college I decided on a whim to buy myself some very pretty fake jewelry.

Actually, if you must know, I spent an embarrassing about of time tooling around eBay in those days, stumbled upon the fake-jewels selection, and suddenly had to have some. And although I looked at all sorts of colors, I like diamonds. Even if they’re not real. I talked myself into them thinking surely they didn’t look TOO much like engagement rings and I’d of course be able to wear them whenever I wanted.

However, when they arrived the screamed either “wow, that ring her finace bought is incredibly fake” OR “that is some SERIOUS ring there, her finace must be rich!” Either way, the word finace was involved and I knew I couldn’t wear them out of my dorm room. Ever. But I’d put them on and wear them when I was alone because pretty things make me happy. I did not pretend to be married (or engaged), I just pretended to own a fabulously expensive ring. It was lovely.

This ring right here, or rather, one exactly like it, was my favorite:


And hey! You can have one just like it if you’re in the market for a fake diamond. I checked out good ol’ eBay last night and there are still all the fake engagement rings you could desire. The one pictured is on sale for $10.80! (See, I told you they were cheap.)

Valentine’s Day Accessories

14 Feb

I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to last week’s SAO Says question – Do you wear a Valentine-y outfit on Valentines Day?

Given that today is already Valentine’s Day, I suppose it’s too late for shopping advice. But I decided to do some window shopping for accessories I think would add a subtle but cute Valentine’s note to my outfit.

I’m a much bigger fan of red than pink and I think something like this looks ‘special occasion’ yet not tacky Valentine-y.


Plus it’s on sale! Only $787.50. What a steal!
(Image from Bloomingdales)

This one is pink and maybe a little too Valentine-y, but I love it.


Image from J Crew

And, finally, from the I could actually afford this section, this adorable fuchsia scarf from Old Navy:

Image from Old Navy

Image from Old Navy

Did you end up wearing anything Valentine’s-inspired today?

Right Hand Rings

15 Jan

Remember when right hand rings were a thing, when advertisements prompted women of the world to buy their own pretty rings and wear them on their right hand?

I found the advertisements irksome — like I wasn’t aware I had a right hand and five whole fingers I could decorate without waiting on a man to buy me a ring before the ad? — but I do love the idea of having a fun or pretty ring on that hand.

Normally, I wear three tiny stacking rings on my middle finger – a silver one for the mister, a gold one for me, and a silver/gold twist for the baby (pause for gagging over the sentimentality).

stacking rings

Sometimes I swap the stacking rings out for chunky rings with stones like turquoise or rhodocrosite that I’ve picked up on vacations. I have a few favorites but I am always looking to add to my collection.

Anthropologie has these sweet little initial rings – apparently I cannot squash the urge to buy sentimental jewelry.

Initial ring

Nordstrom has this classic chunky silver ring that I adore.

Cigar band ring

And for a bit of sparkle, this flower ring from Banana Republic is pretty fantastic.

sparkle ring

Do you wear rings other than a wedding band or an engagement ring? If so, do you wear the same one or two or do you like to have a ring wardrobe?

Getting a little bolder – necklaces

31 Oct

I’m always scared to try out many new trends, but I’m always looking for ways to make my outfits look a little better, and feel a little more put together. So I finally wised up and got myself some bolder jewelery. While I’m still scared to do a full bib necklace, I have found a couple good, bold (but not scary bold) necklaces.

This turquoise necklace gives just enough color and is just big enough to make a statement.

I wear this multi-strand, multi-colored necklace a lot (in fact I’m wearing it today and I was wearing it  here). Multi-colored necklaces are a good way to accessorize because you can wear a them a lot more often and more confidently because they don’t have to match or coordinate perfectly.

I especially love multi-colored necklaces because I wear a lot of black, so it helps dress up my otherwise dark outfits.

Do you have a go to accessory that helps you feel more put together?

Souvenir Jewelry

17 Oct

A few years ago, someone I knew was talking about a piece of jewelry she had gotten while she was on vacation. As much as I adore my kitschy, cheesy, travel souvenirs I keep in my office,  I started keeping an eye out for jewelry pieces that would make good souvenirs.

You can find jewelry in almost any price range, so your souvenir jewelry doesn’t even have to be expensive. (Although when I strike it rich, I’ll probably splurge on fancy jewels more than costume type jewelry!)

Take these earrings I got in New York City a couple of weeks ago. They were only $10 and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. Someone even asked if I got them at the fancy jewelry store in town.

When I was in New Mexico I got this beautiful Zuni made turquoise and silver ring.

A charm bracelet is an easy way to start a souvenir jewelry collection, but I don’t have a charm bracelet (and don’t really feel like starting one), so I just buy whatever I like. I have several necklaces and a couple other pieces, so my souvenir jewelry collection is slowly growing. I’ve even gotten a few pieces from friends who thought of me on their vacations, so jewelry definitely also makes a good souvenir to give.

So, now it’s your turn. Do you buy souvenir jewelry? Do you have a favorite piece?

Girl’s Night Out

10 Oct

I wore this a couple of weeks ago when I met a few friend’s for drinks. Please excuse the iPhone pics and awkward poses. I need a lesson in posing. Badly. Anyway…on to the outfit. I am a jeans and heels kind of girl. It is my comfort zone when dressing for a night out. Black is also a staple for me. I blame it on the amount of time I spent in LA growing up. My family mostly all lives there and for most of us dressing up means black. At my wedding here in OKC all my family was dressed it black. RBB’s family was all in Spring pastels. I was asked if my family didn’t approve of the marriage. Ha. They did, and do, we just tend to wear black.

These are my rocker shoes. Well, if a pair of shoes from Banana Republic can be rocker. They are a few years old, so no link. The jeans are Lucky Brand, Southside Charlie Straight Leg. They work with flats and heels and can even be worn cuffed. Very versatile jean. The top is Gap, Scoopneck Gathered Top. It is kind of just a cotton tee in the front but is gathered and more “shirt” material in the back. Dresses it up a tad. My Hamsa Hand necklace is from my friend Brandy of Bella Vita Jewelry.

Now you know my comfort zone for dressing up, what is your go to look for a night out?

Date Night

12 Sep

Want to see a picture of me looking awkward trying to take a picture? Here you go.

Here’s the thing. I hate these awkward wanna be fashion blogger poses. I am not a fashion blogger. I am an every day person showing you what I wore. So why am I glancing down strangely and attempting to pose? Because when I look at the camera things get worse…

What is that look? No seriously….wha!?!?

Anyway, we paused on our way to date night to take some pics. The light in our apartment is great, but doesn’t seem to photograph that way. So you will see lots of these badly posed photo shoots on for my posts. Please know I am laughing at them as much as you are.

On to the outfit. The skirt is a hand me down from my friend Kathleen, the tank is an every day Target tank. The shoes are Hotness by Chinese Laundry. Here is a close up for you. They are my go to evening pump. No, that’s a lie. Black is my go to, but these run a close second.

The necklace is a few years old from White House Black Market. If you don’t have a big, bold, sparkly necklace…run and get one. When all else fails for a dress up event….put on some nice black slacks, a simple black shell and a necklace like this. Easy to wear, classic and appropriate. If you need a necklace, try Baubble  Bar and/or Stella and Dot.

An Everyday Neckace

5 Sep

This past Christmas, I added this Rose Gold on Gold chain horseshoe necklace from the Etsy seller, Olive Yew Jewels to my wish list, and my mom was awesome enough to get it for me. I wish I could remember where I first saw it, because I’m so glad I did. My picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

I wear it all the time. It’s nice enough to wear on dressy occasions, but I also wear it to work and on the weekends pretty frequently.

Olive Yew Jewels currently has a couple different versions available. A Rose Gold on a Rose Gold chain, Sterling Silver on a Sterling Silver chain, Rose Gold on a Sterling Silver Chain. And if the horseshoe isn’t your style, the seller’s got several other really cute designs for sale. I’m actually thinking of adding a few more to this year’s Christmas list.