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Necklace crush

4 Mar

I love C. Style, a  style blog based in my old hometown of Houston. Carly dresses just how I like: casual, comfy and like she doesn’t try too hard (and her house is ridiculously beautiful as well).

I’ve spied this necklace on her blog lately and became obsessed:

Katie Amend turq slab

Katie Amend turq slab necklace–$88

As a lover of organic-looking jewelry pieces, this one is right up my alley. Look at Katie Amend’s other pieces too–lots of pretty stuff. What caught your eye?


Benefit: Gimme Brow

21 Jan

I recently moved from a very urban area to a rural-ish part of the state. One thing that I’ve had to give up, in response to this move, is my every-3-weeks brow appointment. Every 3 weeks, I’d go to my trusty esthetician and she’d wax and tint my brows. This kept my brows looking their best and I didn’t have to pay any attention to them myself. Once we moved though, I decided to take on my brows myself. My first stop was to my local Ulta to plead for help. Here’s what I walked away with:

Gimme Brow

Benefit’s Gimme Brow: $22

Along with a new pair of Tweezerman tweezers, I feel confident that this product will afford me the opportunity to care for my own brows with only (maybe) a once-every-few-month visit to a local esthetician for a little touch up/shaping help.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the product:

photo (38)

Right brow has Gimme Brow applied

The product is easy to apply, buildable, so that you can really control the intensity and a gel-like consistency that helps keep stray brows in place. It comes in two shades, light/medium and medium/deep. I’m wearing light/medium.

Outfit of the day

26 Nov

I don’t know if you’re like me, but sometimes I spend an agonizing amount of time and energy trying to come up with just the perfect outfit for an occasion. More often than not, even after all the hand-wringing and hair-pulling (“first world problems, you have a call holding on line 1”) I still come away from the situation not totally loving what I’m wearing. Either it ended up being inappropriate for the occasion or I just simply wasn’t comfortable–whatever the reason, it’s funny how sometimes it’s so hard, yet sometimes it’s so easy. Case in point:

photo (25)I threw this outfit together one morning. I don’t even know where I was going. It’s highly likely it was just for school drop off and then the grocery store, but I used a tank that I’d purchased over the summer and threw one of my trusty cardigans on top, paired with skinny jeans and….wait for it: brown boots WITH gray clothes. WHAT? I know, right? Sometime in the past couple of years, it’s become acceptable to mix up colors like gray and brown. Who knew?

Do you ever stumble into a great outfit with pieces that you never would’ve thought to put together?

Sephora Friends and Family Haul

12 Nov

Well, it’s a little cooler here in Texas, but I’m still uninspired to talk about fall fashion. Instead, I’m going to share with you what I picked up at the Sephora Friends and Family sale last week. The Friends and Family sale had been the stuff of legend in my world in the past…I’d only watched beauty bloggers show off their scores and wondered how on earth one might get in on that 20% off action (Sephora doesn’t have sales–like ever). Somehow, this year, I got that coveted coupon in the mail and you better believe that I marked the dates that the sale was going on on my calendar and began my lists and researching what I wanted. A lot of what I got were replacements for things that I’ve had in the past, but I picked up a few new things too. Here’s what I got:

makeup 4ever

Makeup For Ever Foundations

bobbi brown gloss

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss–Buff

kate somerville





Kate Somerville Tonerhourglass ambient palette

Hourglass Ambient Palette 

alterna mousse

Alterna Bamboo Mousse

bumble and bumble

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish

they're real


Benefit: They’re Real mascara

I somehow managed to stay within my budget (I’d been saving for this visit to Sephora) and am pleased with everything so far. Did you hit the Friends and Family sale? What did you score?

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme

15 Oct

Yup. It’s still warmer than one would hope for mid-October, here in Texas, so you’ll forgive me if I save the fashion posts outlining my new favorite boots, sweaters and scarves for January-ish?

So, back to beauty finds. You might’ve seen this coming after this post, but I’ve now discovered the Ole Henriksen CC creme.

Ole Henriksen CC Creme $36 at Sephora

Ole Henriksen CC Creme $36 at Sephora

I was perfectly happy and content with my Nars tinted moisturizer–fanatical even, some might say–but then a friend purchased the Ole Henriksen CC creme and raved about it. She gave me a sample and, who am I to turn down a free sample? Turns out that I really loved it. It gives me that “lit from within” look…maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline? You get the idea. It’s a touch heavier than my Nars tinted moisturizer, but it doesn’t feel heavy once it’s all blended in.

The one downside is the fact that it only comes in 2 shades. My sample was of the color “light” and it was passable, but I felt like it made me a little chalky-faced, so, when I went to Sephora, I tried out the medium and took a chance on it. As long as I apply it with a light hand, the color is fine. I can’t speak to how this CC cream would work for those with darker skin tones, but I would suggest trying it before you buy.

Have you jumped on the “CC Creme Bandwagon” yet?

“Put a bird on it”

1 Oct

Have I told you about my bird obsession? Well, I am. Obsessed. With. Birds. I have multiple bird feeders in my yard and fill them daily. I have names for many of my regulars. I’ve decorated a lot of my home in birds. I own clothing  and jewelry with birds on it. It’s borderline abnormal. So, you can only imagine that, when I saw this button-down at Target, I had to have it:



I love it. Birds, aside, it’s soft–like a brushed cotton, it’s comfortably cool for Texas’ warm fall and it fits nicely without pulling in the front or back (as button-downs sometimes do on me). Here’s me giving it a spin, for a lunch date with my daughter at her school:

photo (20)Do you have any animal or object that you seek out when buying home decor or clothing?



Ole Henriksen Youth Activating Oil

17 Sep

I don’t want to be a whiner, but since proper fall weather doesn’t appear in south Texas for another month, I just can’t even begin to get excited about fall clothes right now.  Around these parts, we’re still indelicately sweating through our tank tops, while some of you are pulling out your sweaters. But, I’m not bitter…really.

So, since I can’t seem to get excited about writing about clothing these days, I thought I’d share another beauty find. A few months ago, I received a sample at Sephora of this:

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil: $45

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil: $45

I was completely happy with my Cetaphil moisturizer before bedtime and wasn’t particularly looking for something new. Also, the idea of slathering oil all over my face was a bit off-putting, but I gave it a shot. It felt decadent and instantly seemed to brighten my complexion. It became my new little bedtime indulgence that I looked forward to. When my sample ran out, I ran to Sephora and purchased a full-size bottle. So far, I’m still really enjoying it and it hasn’t caused any breakouts or other odd, facial maladies.

Have you tried any of the new “youth serums” that have hit the market?

Shellac manicure

20 Aug

Yes, I’m aware that I’m probably the very last person in the continental United States to try out this “new fangled” Shellac manicure. I recently had several back to back weekends of social events and I decided that I wanted my nails to look nice–a departure from their usual cracked, bloody and ragged appearance.

I’d heard good things about the staying power of the Shellac manicure, so I decided to give it a whirl. Typically, a traditional manicure is bunged up before I even get from the nail salon to my car–then, only to compound the damage is my compulsive hand-washing habits and just general banging about the kitchen that I’m famous for.

The Shellac manicure lasts upwards to 2 weeks and, the best part, is that it dries completely almost immediately, so the chance of user-error is slim. Here’s what my latest Shellac manicure looks like:

photo (7)

I pay $27 for mine, which seems like a bargain. Have you tried a Shellac? What’s your experience?

Growing out a pixie cut

24 Jul

A couple years ago, I donated 14 inches of hair. I had grown my hair specifically to donate it and was delighted to get back to a pixie cut. I love short hair. I feel good in short hair. Short hair feels like me.

But I get bored. I don’t color my hair — don’t want to — and to have a new hairstyle after a pixie, you have to grow it out. And once I start growing it, I figure I might as well grow it out to donate. So, here I am growing out a pixie — again. I’ve done this several times in my life: in the awkward middle school years, through the weight-gaining college years, now when I often ask myself, “Have I fallen into a mommy-style rut?”

There’s nothing easy about growing out a pixie cut. It’s slow-going and awkward and shaggy and takes patience. I have found a few things that help.

BOBBY PINS. Lots and lots of bobby pins. Pin back your bangs. Pin up the sides. Create a bobby pin “headband.” I don’t do these sorts of hairstyles at work because they don’t feel very professional to me, though I have been known, in desperate times, to pull back my bangs with a bobby pin or two. But on the weekends, my hair is almost always pinned up at least a little.

HATS. If you’re comfortable in a hat and — and this is key — will not have to take the hat off, you no longer have to worry about your hair. I spent an entire sweaty baseball game in my son’s ballcap. It was wonderful.

REGULAR CUTS. Don’t go a bazillion weeks between haircuts. You’re likely used to getting a trim every eight weeks or so. Stretch it a little, but don’t wait forever. Having a decent shape to your hair as it grows out will help you be patient for the long hair you want. No one looks good all shaggy and shapeless. My hairdresser sister tells me it’s also better for your hair to be trimmed regularly. Plus, different styles along the way is half the fun. I’m about ready for a stacked bob and very much looking forward to my next haircut day.

GET A GOAL. For me, donation — and really, the instant mood lift I get when I whack off a foot of hair — is the motivation. Figure out why you want long hair. Get a goal in mind and keep it where you can see/think about it. You will have mornings when you want to hack off our hair yourself. Give yourself a good reason not to. It helps to have a friend around to remind you.

MEAN IT. Your hair does not look the way you want it to look. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. Confidence is the key to pulling off a pixie; it’s also key to growing one out. Hold your head high, wear some pretty earrings and a cute outfit, and say thank you when people compliment you — because they will. And when they ask if you’re growing your hair out, don’t apologetically mumble yes or talk about what you want your hair to look like eventually. Say, “Yes, trying something new!” Because you are.


20 Year High School Reunion: What the heck should I wear?

23 Jul

My 20 year high school reunion is coming up and I have no idea what to wear. First off, you should know that where I went to school is very rural…like, really, really rural (insert “Deliverance” banjo-music). I had 42 people in my graduating class. As of the publishing of this post, the venue is yet to be determined.  Also? It’s being held in the middle of August. In Texas. So, basically, hotter than is comfortable for the average mammal. So, help! What do I wear? Here are examples of the direction I’m leaning:

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom…but with sandals instead

Outfit courtesy Anthropologie

Outfit courtesy of Anthropologie

These looks are probably more casual than what most people might chose to wear to their 20 year reunion, but this isn’t like your typical reunion–there will be no cocktail hour or daytime golf-playing. At best, we’ll meet up at a restaurant. At worst, we’ll congregate at the Darlick’s hog farm for a pasture party.

Send me your best outfit ideas and I’ll keep you posted on this end…