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NYX Eye Makeup

23 Sep

I went to Ulta on Friday because I hit the trifecta: I was near it, I was by myself, and I had free time. My plan was just to admire the Benefit blushes and ogle Stila’s In the Light eyeshadow palette (which I am going to get as a reward if I ever lose another 5 pounds- so I’ll probably get it in February, aargh).

As I was wandering, I stopped in the NYX section because eye makeup was buy 1, get 50% off. (You don’t need to buy an even number of things. They were actually taking 25% off everything, which I wish they would just tell you.) I have heard good things about NYX, so I bought two Jumbo Eye Pencils, a Retractable Eyeliner, and an eyeshadow.

(Dental floss pictured to keep everything else from rolling off the counter.)

The Jumbo Eye Pencils are great. They are really creamy, easy to apply, and simple to blend. I would buy these again.

The Retractable Eyeliner is really similar to my go-to eyeliner, Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner. The NYX eyeliner is softer and applies much nicer. It also comes in more colors. The downside I found is that it runs a bit by the end of the day.

The eyeshadow was really soft, but I ended up not liking the color, so I returned it. The return process at Ulta was very easy.

Here’s how the makeup looked yesterday.


And here’s today.



Things I’m Loving Now

11 Sep

Fall is upon us, people! Let’s get excited!  If you want to showcase your autumnal enthusiasm, might I recommend this polish?

Fall Sparkles

Fall Sparkles

This is OPI “DS Indulgence” which I randomly picked at a pedicure and fell in love with.  It has just the perfect amount of sparkle without being gloppy or over the top with glitter and is a little more orange than the photo shows.  I love it.

As Labor Day is behind us now, I decided it was time to bring out my new beauty, purchased during the most recent Kate Spade surprise sale:

Hello, my pretty.

Hello, my pretty.

I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant, and I’m trying to navigate the exact opposite seasons than I experienced during my first pregnancy.  Last time I was at my largest during the summer, so I wore a ton of skirts and dresses.  This time I needed some serious work pants, and I caught a Gap friends and family sale (that included maternity!) recently and had some success.  I picked up these and these.  I highly recommend both of these pants in terms of quality and fit, especially because they come in both ankle and long.  Last time around I made do with a pair of black full panel pants from Target, and while they did the job, the panel and the length were both too long.  Which probably  means I just needed a tailor, but I never got around to that.  Plus they attracted pet hair like whoa.  Anyway, these pants are super fantastic.

I’m also thinking I’ll have to layer to get the most out of my wardrobe this fall and winter.  Key in this endeavor is comfortable pieces in bright/interesting colors, like this top, which I just picked up on sale at Old Navy:


I wore this to work today with black pants and a long silver necklace and I think it worked out pretty well.  I’m also in love with this dress, which is easy to throw a cardigan over and I will probably pair with tights and boots this fall/winter if I ever find any black boots FOR THE LOVE. I have a similar one in black, also purchased at the Gap F&F sale.  They are both very “Hi! Here is my belly!” clingy, but, they are in dark colors and I’m trying to embrace the belly this time around as much as possible.  I mean, there’s really no avoiding it, right?

I know I’ve mentioned my problem with gold shoes, but I found these Born gold flats in the clearance rack at Macy’s this summer (I think I got them for 40% off of the sale price of $45) and they were the only pair and they were in my size so be quiet, I had to have them.  They are SO comfy and I will likely wear them a lot this fall.  Maybe even with conservative tunics and leggings if I am brave enough to try that at work.


Have you scored anything you are loving lately?

Everyday Makeup

26 Aug

I don’t do fancy makeup. Though I love looking at expensive makeup. I’m a drugstore kind of gal. Here’s what I use on a daily basis, for the most part.


I don’t wear foundation every day, but when I do wear it, I like something light that covers up redness but doesn’t cover my freckles. This Almay foundation seems to work pretty well.

The Benefit Hervana blush is really light. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it has grown on me.

For eyeliner, I’ve been using Cover Girl Perfect Point forever. Most days I just use brown, but some days I like to mix it up with blue.

Eyeshadow: Rimmel. Nothing exciting.

Under eyes: I’m still using Benefit Fake Up because it was $20-ish. Not sure if I’ll buy it again, but I don’t dislike it. I just don’t LOVE it.

For my lips today I am wearing Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stain in Honey with Rimmel Stay Glossy in some super pale color I don’t remember- possibly Unlimited Gold.

So now… What you’ve all been waiting for… Before and after photos!



To EBay Or Not To EBay

29 Jul

I have never bought anything on EBay. It seems complicated. There is one necklace I like- its a Kate Spade necklace with a turtle on it- that I actually looked for on EBay, but even there, it’s $350, so no.

Have you ever bought anything on EBay? Are there certain items you would or wouldn’t buy on EBay? Can I use the word EBay more?

Tees at Loft

22 Jul

I keep waiting for these tees to go on sale before I recommend them, but it seems it’s never going to happen. Yes, I actually paid full price for something at Loft. That’s how much I likes these tees. I bought two colors: white and lollipop red.

The tee is the crochet neck cotton tee. It’s $24.50, but I wear mine ever single weekend. It’s thin enough to be cool but not thin enough to be see-through.


I also love the embellished tee at Loft. Full price again! I know! I wear brightly colored camisoles underneath because the cutouts are sheer. I get compliments every time I wear this.


Update on the Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holders

3 Jul

I decided to order a bra in my new size, which I thought was 32H. I got this one in that size.  It fit pretty well, but the band was just a little too snug.  So I exchanged it (by the way, Amazon is doing a free month of Prime right now) for a 34H.  However, you may have heard that lawyers don’t do math, so I forgot that if I went up a band size, my cup size would also have to change.  Naturally I thought about that after I ripped the tags off, so sure was I that this bra was going to be right.  Be ye not so stupid.

It turns out, even though I have some space in the cups, this is a really well-constructed bra, and it still looks decent and works pretty well.



Obviously I will be ordering 34Gs from now on, but this one does give me some needed lift and it really cuts down on the bounce factor.  The only negatives are obviously the extra space in the cups, and that because of that, it tends to form a little wide on my torso, and rubs my upper arms a bit.  I’m pretty sure going down a cup size would solve that problem.  (My husband’s input:  it is very Mad Men.  Take that as you will.)  I will say, after wearing this bra for the day, putting on one of my old bras felt almost supportless.  I’ll spare both you and my pride a picture of that.

Interestingly, I was at a major discount retailer picking up dog food one day, and I wondered if they had any bras in sizes over DD.  Guess what?  No dice.  So I picked up a Hanes t-shirt bra in a 38D (I could not find D or DD cups in less than a 38 band size), just to see how it would compare, because on the rack it looked about as huge as the one I ordered.  It actually fits okay.  Definitely not as structured or well-made as the Le Mystere, so I guess you get what you pay for.  I’m not sure what is wrong with the bra manufacturing and marketing industries in this country, but at least now I feel like a more informed shopper.

Birthday Purses From Rue La La

1 Jul

I have decided I’m only buying purses from Rue La La from now on. [If you become a member (which is free) through this link and buy something, I will get a credit.] Rue La La is a site that offers a limited number of clothes, accessories, home decorations, and other assorted items for 48 hours. I don’t buy things from the site often, but everything I’ve bought has been a great deal.

I bought this Cole Haan bag a year or two ago and have used it pretty much every day. Cole Haan bags are normally in the $250-$300 range. I got this one on Rue La La for about $100.


I also bought this Kate Spade wallet on Rue La La a year or two ago for about $40. The retail price is around $150.


My birthday is on Friday, so I decided to splurge on two bags I absolutely loved on Rue La La. I’ve been looking for a good-sized crossbody bag, and I found this great orange Coach crossbody on Rue La La for $102- the Coach Ashley Leather Hippie. The retail price was about $250. I love it. The strap is just the right length, the orange is dark enough to not be a shocking safety cone orange, and the size is big enough to hold my stuff without being too bulky.


I also saw a tote and decided I would regret not buying it. The retail price was $358, but I got it for $116. It is the Coach Park Leather Tote. The leather is really soft, and the colors are a little bit unusual. I love it.


Happy birthday to me!

Sandal Recommendations

5 Jun

I recently made two awesome wedge sandal purchases so naturally I wanted share.

The first are these Seychelles:



Gale Force

I really like these because even though they have a basic T strap shape, the verticalish line of the top straps draws the eye up and doesn’t make my legs look too stumpy, which is an effect I like to avoid.  They are also really comfy and the straps are delicate enough that they look good with more feminine skirts and dresses, which is a bonus.

I also really wanted this pair of Kork-ease, but I wasn’t ready to drop quite that much money on another pair of sandals:

kork ease

Whiskey Sponch

Look what I found at DSW (and for which I also used a $10 coupon!):

FS sandal

Franco Sarto Farley Wedge

The DSW site doesn’t have it in the beige color I bought anymore, and when I bought mine in store the clerk told me these shoes were crazy popular in all colors.  I have worn them through one work day so far and I can report they are very comfortable.  The leather is really soft, too.

Have you made any great sandal purchases so far this summer?



Ideas for wearing button-down shirts

16 May

I’ve been participating in RA’s Mission: Put Together (M:PT) and last week I asked everyone in the pool what else I could do with button-down shirts. I almost always wear them unbuttoned with a neutral tank top underneath, but that gets pretty boring. I’ve been trying some new things through the M:PT challenge, including being brave enough to wear it completely buttoned. It sounds like it shouldn’t take bravery to do that, but I’ve always been just a little too busty to fit the proportions of button-down shirts and no one likes to see gapping!

Day 6

This top is cut pretty well for me, though, and I was pleased with how it worked! Can you believe this is the first time I’ve ever worn it buttoned?

I also tried it over a definitely not neutral top another day:

Day 13

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for ways I can wear it? (Thanks to RA for the suggestion of rolling the sleeves!)

Two of my new favorite things

14 May

I’m not a huge product person. I barely wear make-up and the only product I use on my hair is Big Sexy Root Boost. But I have thin hair, even thinner since I lost a lot of it after giving birth to my second son. It’s finally growing back in but because I have long hair, it’s taking some time. I came across The Small Things Blog maybe a year ago. Initially I loved it for the hair tutorials but I’ve come to enjoy her fashion posts and she recently started a new Favorite Things segment. In this segment she talks about Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse. The way she describes it in her video intrigued me right away. I had to try it. So I did. I LOVE IT. Anyone with thin hair needs to try this product. It will def be one of my staples from now on.


Next up is my new favorite pair of jeans. I got them from no other than…EBAY! However! I know in one of my earlier posts that I mentioned how much I LOVE eBay and I’ve never had an issue. BAH! I just had the weirdest experience ever. I order these jeans and soon after I made the payment I got an email from the seller saying that she thinks she accidentally sent me the wrong jeans but that she sent the correct jeans that day.  I told her I would let her know when I opened them and would return them no problem but that she would have to pay for shipping. I got the package on Saturday so I opened them and they were the right pair. They looked identical to the picture on eBay.  I emailed her and said maybe she had mistaken since I got the right pair. I assumed if I was going to get the wrong pair, I would get them first since she shipped them first. She told me I was wrong and then she demanded a picture. She did agree that the was the right pair when I sent the picture but then got all crazy about where was the second pair….how should I know?  I thought she was a little rude to me for something that I cannot control. I told her that I would never keep jeans I didn’t pay for and that she didn’t need to be rude to me about it. I would gladly ship them back to her if they ever came but that had not arrived. She responds saying that she’s trying to figure out my “scamming technique” on how I’m getting two jeans for the price one.


Yes, I went in YOUR closet and shipped MYSELF two pairs of jeans. OMG.

Anyway, I did get a second package yesterday and I just sharpied out my address, wrote return to sender on the package and threw them down the mail slot at the post office in full angry force just for dramatic effect. SO ANNOYED!

I’m so in love with this new pair of jeans. I have tried them on before but would never never ever pay that much for jeans but I found these on eBay for 24.99. I bid on them and won since no one else did! Yahoo! I always have issues with saggy butt jeans and these are not them. 7 For All Mankind.



No saggy butt!