Spring fever

4 Feb

Newsflash: Much of the country is still in the throes of winter. Yes, readers, even here in Texas, the temps have been in the lower-than-normal range. As a result, I’ve been cold, chapped, snotty, whiny and craving the sun. While our lows are probably still higher than most of your highs, it still feels miserable and it leaves me daydreaming about spring and wearing less than 4 layers of clothing. You feel me?

I’ve been looking around the Anthropologie site, drooling over their new spring arrivals. Here are some tops that I’m daydreaming about wearing on a warm, sunny day in the near future (also daydreaming to win the lottery, in order to afford said Anthropologie pieces):

anthro tangent mesh

Tangent Mesh Tank

road trip tank

Road trip tank

watercolor chatty tee

Watercolor chatty tee

lacona popover

Lacona Popover

What are you itching to wear, when the weather warms up?

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