“Put a bird on it”

1 Oct

Have I told you about my bird obsession? Well, I am. Obsessed. With. Birds. I have multiple bird feeders in my yard and fill them daily. I have names for many of my regulars. I’ve decorated a lot of my home in birds. I own clothing  and jewelry with birds on it. It’s borderline abnormal. So, you can only imagine that, when I saw this button-down at Target, I had to have it:



I love it. Birds, aside, it’s soft–like a brushed cotton, it’s comfortably cool for Texas’ warm fall and it fits nicely without pulling in the front or back (as button-downs sometimes do on me). Here’s me giving it a spin, for a lunch date with my daughter at her school:

photo (20)Do you have any animal or object that you seek out when buying home decor or clothing?



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