Making Outfits Summer-y

16 Aug

I tend to wear a lot of saturated tones, including black, so I have a hard time looking all breezy for summer. I just do not have a lot of light neutrals or pastels in my wardrobe. Here’s how I get around it:

Sheer cardigan from LOFT

A sheer cardigan: I have a white cardigan similar to this one, and it lightens up the darkest of clothing items. It’s also nice when I’m going to experience a large swing of temperatures. Then I can wear something sleeveless and still have the cardigan for when I’m chilly.

Floral scarf from Forever 21

Lightweight scarf: Throw one over jeans and a black t-shirt, and you’re done! This scarf adds interest without heat and aligns with all of my rules for buying scarves.

Pink bubble necklace from Amazon

Statement necklace: It’s the same concept of the scarf, but with even less heat! I have a big cobalt necklace like this, and even though it is legitimately ginorm, it’s really all you need with a basic outfit. But again, see how I gravitate toward saturated colors? I could really use a mini white one.

White watch from Fossil

White watch: I wear my white watch all year round, but it helps especially during the summer by giving the illusion of a white bangle.

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