Dressing for a Denver Business Meeting

2 Aug

I’m in Denver for a business meeting, and I managed to pack lightly so as to make room for the beer that my husband wants me to smuggle back home in my checked luggage. This is love, people.

Anyway! Here’s what I wore/am wearing, and sorry for the awful picture quality. I blame my not-awesome hotel room lighting.

Denver outfits

Flight: black jersey dress, tan floral cardigan, white scarf, black flat sandals
Once again, I wore Ye Olde Faithful Target Jersey Dress for the flight because I wanted to be comfortable and look somewhat put-together in case I ran into anyone of note in the hotel lobby when I checked in. As it it turned out, I was delayed almost 2 hours, and almost everyone from my meeting was indeed in the lobby when I finally showed up, bedraggled and haggard. Good decision, self! I will likely wear this same exact outfit to fly home.

Welcome reception: black and white faux wrap dress, sensible black heels, turquoise beads, black cardigan (not pictured)
I had 30 minutes to turn myself around and make myself presentable for a cocktail reception with a bunch of physicians. I’ve worn this exact outfit (different heels in different years) to this type of event over time, and it never fails. The dress doesn’t wrinkle, I can wear it for any season with or without tights or a blazer, and someone always comments on the turquoise necklace. Total brainless businesswear.

Meeting: black dress pants, cardigan, and heels; hot pink top, acrylic beaded bracelet
This is what I’m wearing for today’s meeting. It’s a kind of unwritten rule that women wear dresses to the welcome reception and suits for the meeting. I don’t know why, but we all do it. I’m faking the suit with this cardigan because I can not be bothered with a jacket if I don’t absolutely need one.

Dinner out: jeans, pink top, floral cardigan, black sandals
Okay, you got me, I took this picture ahead of time. But tonight, I’m meeting up with Audrey for dinner, and that’s exciting! I’m just switching up my daytime outfit a little bit to be more appropriate for the Cherry Cricket, a totally kitschy burger joint. This outfit is also a possibility for my flight home. We’ll see how I feel about squeezing into jeans at 5:30am in order to catch my 7am flight, OMG.


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  1. Audrey August 2, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    Great choices! Very professional and PT! No lie, I thought harder than usual about what to wear this morning, knowing I’d be seeing you. I can’t be un-PT in RA’s presence! 😉 (Alexander, on the other hand, picked his own outfit, and I’m not sure it matches, but he gets a toddler pass on being PT, right?)

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