What Really Happens At A Bra Fitting

17 Jun

I’ve been meaning to get professionally fitted for several years now, but I’ve had lots of good excuses for not doing it. I finally got up the courage to do it a few weeks ago and went to Nordstrom on my day off.

As I walked over to the lingerie section I considered running away to look at purses instead, but I took a deep breath and walked up to the cash register in the lingerie section. When the salesperson was done ringing up someone I told her I’d like to get a bra fitting.

She took me back to the changing rooms. I took off my shirt (but not my bra), and she measured me right under my breasts. Then she disappeared to get me a few things to try on. She watched me try the first one on, which was a little awkward but not creepy. Then she left me alone. I picked out the two that felt the best. The saleslady came back to check on me and got me a different size in one of my favorites after seeing it on me.

Then I bought the two bras. The end. It was easy and unembarrassing.

I actually had the correct band size, but my old bras were two cup sizes too small. The new bras make a huge difference. I look better, and they feel better too.

I tried to take photos to show the difference, but they turned out odd. It is hard to photograph your own boobs. Plus I don’t know that I really want you staring at photos of my boobs. You’ll just have to take my word for it.


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  1. Stefanie June 17, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Two cup sizes?! Wow. I guess Oprah was right and there really are a whole lot of women wearing the wrong size with no idea they’re doing so!

    I got fitted a few years ago, and she deemed me the same size I thought I was. Which was both reassuring and disappointing, actually. I had kind of hoped that finding I was wearing the wrong size would magically make it easier for me to find bras that fit right. No such luck.

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