Swimsuit Shopping

11 Jun

I’ve been deliberating what swimsuit to get for this year. (Let us not speak of the dozens of swimsuits that currently take up residence in a drawer in my dresser, from years gone by.) But for some reason, I feel like I NEEEEEED a new swimsuit every year. For the past half-dozen years, it really has been necessary to buy a new suit each year because my poor, dear body was tossed to and fro on the rough seas of pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum. This year, however, I probably could’ve gotten away with wearing the same suit(s) from last year, but that didn’t stop my eye from wandering across every catalog that came in the mail, scrutinizing the latest “slimming technologies” that have been discovered in the past year as well as enjoying the bright colors and prints trending this year.

Given that I now have a 6 year old and a 4 year old, when we go swimming, there’s precious little lounging-by-the-pool-sipping a drink and more flailing about, wrestling with pool noodles and having my suit tugged on constantly, I decided that I was ready to revisit the almighty “tankini” for this summer. I love the practicality of a two piece (hello, ease-of-bathroom breaks!) but am sick and tired of sucking it in when entering or exiting a pool in a bikini. When I saw this tankini in the Athleta catalog, I was intrigued:

Athleta Nosara Asana Tankini

Athleta Nosara Asana Tankini $69.00 (bottoms $44.00)

I ordered it and can’t say enough about how comfortable it is. It feels like a yoga top. You’ve got some nice, lightly-padded bra-structure up top, a comfortable blousey-like-action happening in the mid-section and the bottoms are comfortable and flattering as well. It’s a little pricey, yes (I should also note that I tried on this suit at Target and found it very flattering and cute on. I haven’t ruled out purchasing it too.) but sometimes you have to pay for structure and comfort.

How’s your swimsuit shopping going?


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  1. RA June 12, 2013 at 11:43 am #

    Cute suit! I have 3 suits in rotation now, 1 each from Target, Victoria Secret, and Athleta. I do love that Athleta one, but I bought it on super clearance a few years ago. I would love to get another suit, but I know I don’t NEED one, so I’m going to put it off until next year.

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