French Terry Blazer

28 May

Hear this: I’m a cardigan gal–Jenny J. loves her some cardigans! You see, I’m that annoying person who is always cold. While the summers here in Texas are brutally hot, all homes, restaurants and businesses answer the heat with positively frigid air conditioners running at full speed. So, I’ve grown very accustomed to always carrying a cardigan along with me to put on, lest my lips turn blue and my teeth commence chattering. I’ve got a closet full of cardigans, but sometimes feel just a little dumpy in the ones that I have. They serve the purpose of keeping me warm, but they don’t always look as polished as I’d like.

Imagine my surprise when, on a recent trip to Kohl’s I spied the potential answer to my dumpy, cardi-quandary.

SO French Terry Blazer

SO French Terry Blazer

This blazer was in the Junior department at Kohls–a department that I usually race past, because all I tend to see happening over there is God-awful neon, cropped tops and lace-insets galore (which is perfectly fine if you are 17. I, however am NOT 17). I tried it on and loved it. It’s comfortable, (feels like I’m wearing a sweatshirt) the fit is good and it’s a little more polished-looking than my beloved cardigans. I wore it recently over a dress to a wedding.

Wearing the blazer to a wedding, during an odd May cold-snap.

Wearing the blazer to a wedding, during an odd May cold-snap.

I also bought a light gray with white polka dots, that I think will go with lots of colored tanks this summer.

So tell me, do you ever shop in the Junior department (if you’re not, in fact a “Junior”)?


3 Responses to “French Terry Blazer”

  1. RA May 28, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    LOVE. I have a gray striped knit blazer that I wear all the time, and I love that it feels like a sweatshirt.

    I have taken to buying dresses in the juniors section (or, like, the whole of Forever 21) and wearing them as tunics. I am also not 17! 🙂

  2. Jesabes May 28, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    I love that blazer with your dress. I’m planning to go to Kohl’s tomorrow to spend Kohl’s cash so I might check them out!


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