Winter Coats in April

16 Apr

Today is the first day without rain in….dare I say, almost 10 days. I didn’t think to snap any pictures of my soggy self and I wouldn’t want you to see my scary cry face anyway. Don’t worry though, snow is expected at the end of this week.

So since it’s still winter…..

This winter I found myself without a winter coat. A dressy winter coat. I have a dressy fall/spring coat but that was not cutting it. I didn’t really want to buy a new dressy winter coat because I didn’t know if I would really need it next year and sometimes I’m just weird like that. I was talking to a coworker about it back at the end of December and she asked me why I couldn’t just wear my regular winter coat. Ah, what?

I liked that winter coat but it’s too big, poofy, and worst of all, it’s short. It bothered me because I like to wear long cardigans and the cardigans would be flapping around out the bottom. I know, I know. I am strange.

I’ve always secretly had my eye on this coat:


The website did not have the exact style any longer.

Here’s what I love about this coat; it’s warm for winters in Michigan, it can be dressy or casual, it’s long, but mostly it’s WARM. It fit all of my needs. But it IS pricey. So here’s what I did. I sold my old NF jacket and I searched this puppy out on eBay. I got it for a little more than half the price (and it’s not fake, if ever purchasing something like this off of eBay make sure it’s not fake!) and with the sale of my coat, I spent about only about $100 dollars on this coat. I am not sorry.

But I am sorry I’m still wearing it in APRIL.

Moving on.

I’m always curious how people feel about dressy trouser jeans and how you feel about wearing them to work. I was researching them so hard I came across this blog that has three good examples. The middle example is my favorite but of course not available (bummer!) but I think they look are work appropriate, yes…no?

I was only able to really find this one pair at Express (sorry, won’t let me save or share the picture), but I didn’t like how wide the waistband was with belt loops. If they didn’t have belt loops I could probably deal with it and the price…eh, they were having buy one get one 50% off but I don’t really need any more pants. If it was scarves that would be different.*

So where did I head off to? My trusty eBay. And I found a pair from Express! For 24.99. I got them in the mail yesterday and the only difference is they do not have the wide waistband which I didn’t like anyway.

Here they are:


They are much darker in person.

How do you feel about eBay, do you ever use it for things like this? I have used it to buy several things and I’ve never had an issue.

*Now I’m obsessed with summery scarves and do you know the most random place they have cute scarves? Hallmark. I would’ve never guessed!





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  1. Lawyernomore April 18, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    I used eBay for suits when I interned in law school and had good luck. I don’t have the patience for it now, though.

    I have a Nautica version of that coat I got at the end of season at Macy’s for about $100. It also has a hood and I love it. It got me through a winter in Chicago and uh, TODAY in Denver. What up, April?!?

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