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27 Mar

I work very close to the 16th Street Mall in Denver, which is a very touristy area with restaurants and shops.  It happens that there is a Loft two blocks from my office so I frequently pop in to check for any steals.  Last week I found a pair of my favorite cut black trouser pants in my size on a sale rack.  The price had been taken off the tag, so they were likely returned, but they looked fine, so I asked how much they were.  They were. . .$4.88.  That is a good deal in my book!  There was also a table nearby of straight legged pants in black and cute colors for $40ish so as I had extra time I tried a black pair on.  YOU NEED THESE PANTS:

IMG_0872[1]I realize you can tell nothing from this picture, but I tried.  They are so comfortable, and just the perfect cut, especially for spring/summer.  I probably could have sized down on mine, but I get a little nervous about tight-in-the-tushy pants for work.  They have a side-zipper which I love for a smooth line.  It appears they have them in other fits as well, if the Marisa is not your thing.  They were seen in Glamour apparently, so, there you go – if you don’t believe me, Glamour never lies.


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  1. Lawyernomore March 28, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    I would think so, if the “doubleweave cotton” is anything like the “bistretch” stuff in these!

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