Details, details

20 Mar

Sometimes it’s the subtle details that really make an outfit or a piece of clothing great. Take for instance the slightly darker wash on the side of these pants from Anthropologie. It’s a pretty basic pair of jeans, but that tuxedo stripe makes it a bit special — and lengthens the leg.


Jess at Just Expresive is great at details like this. She always has on a piece of jewelry or a simple piece of clothing with a surprising detail — a keyhole back, a tie closure, unexpected embroidery — that really makes it HER.

I try to keep this in mind when I shop and when I get dressed every day. The littlest things can make me happy.

Like these gold glitter shoes:



This teal pendant:

(Found at Serenity Blue in St. Augustine, Fla. You probably could find something similar on Etsy or a place like Francesca’s.)


Or the leopard print on these sunglasses:


(Found at Target. These are similar and also from that fine establishment.)


I find it’s usually these little finishing touches that people notice. What are your favorite little details?

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