The Virtues of Going Nude

19 Mar
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…going with nude shoes, of course. (See what I did there?)

My latest trick-up-my sleeve for finding shoes to go with whatever I’m wearing is nude shoes. This winter, whenever faced with a quandry as to what shoes to wear with something, I found myself reaching over and over for my nude-colored ballet flats. The great thing about wearing nude-colored shoes is that first, obviously, they go with anything and second, they give the illusion of length to your legs. Look at this:

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(photo courtesy of:

Do you see how stubby Kim Kardashian’s legs look here? Granted, she’s not a waif, but the dark straps on the bottom-half of her body create visual segments, which draw your eyes directly to the fleshiest part of her legs–not a good look. In contrast, look at these ladies:

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Above, you’ll see Katie Holmes (left), Kristen Bell (middle) and Jennifer Aniston, (right) all rocking the nude sandals. Nude was an obvious choice for Kristen Bell’s dress, because you can’t really (nor, should you?) match shoes to that color. But, see how fresh and hip the nude looks with Katie and Jennifer’s black dresses? And check out their gams!

To recreate this effect at home, here are some great nude sandals options for you. Nude sandals are a perfect choice for a printed sundress, shorts or capris.

Sam Edelman "Gigi" $65

Sam Edelman “Gigi” $65

Fergie "Bali" $69.95
Fergie “Bali” $69.95

Bandolino "Mindy" $
Bandolino “Mindy” $69.95

Unisa "Kami" Wedge $

Unisa “Kami” Wedge $49.95

Obviously, what would be considered “nude” varies, based on your skin color. For some who are super-fair-skinned, I’d recommend going with almost a pale pink. If you’re got darker skin, you can lean heavily towards tan or light brown. It’s a matter of finding what looks best with your skin tone.


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  1. Buster March 19, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    I love those Fergie sandals!

    I just bought a pair of nude pumps. They were not at all fun to buy (I was called to the red shoes, but needed something more practical), but they are so versatile. Once it stops snowing in Minnesota and warms up enough that I don’t wear black tights under every dress, they will get a ton of wear.

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