A Week of Favorites

15 Mar

Last Wednesday, I turned 30! So I decided to wear outfits with my favorite things all week: RA's favorites

These were my favorite pieces from each outfit:


  • White House Black Market red jeans
  • Anthropologie feather top


  • Anthropologie purple skirt
  • Pink paisley scarf from my husband’s grandmother

Wednesday: birthday!

Thursday: I felt a little prairie in this, but I got 2 compliments at work, so, okay?

  • Anthropologie orange skirt
  • Old Navy chambray shirt: I said I’d never buy one, but this one was $6, and it fits, mostly. Good enough.

Friday: birthday dinner!

  • J. Crew Factory skirt: first time out, but I love it. Instant favorite!
  • ILY Couture bubble necklace

I felt so peppy and confident in these outfits, and it makes me wonder why I bother to wear anything that’s not my favorite. I feel like I should only wear my favorite things for a few months and get rid of whatever’s left, you know?


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  1. Jesabes March 15, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

    You always look SO CUTE

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