Fake bling

14 Mar

(Do we still say bling? Did we ever? Or do people hate that word?)

I was going though boxes in our basement the other day and came across my stash of fake engagement rings. When I was in college I decided on a whim to buy myself some very pretty fake jewelry.

Actually, if you must know, I spent an embarrassing about of time tooling around eBay in those days, stumbled upon the fake-jewels selection, and suddenly had to have some. And although I looked at all sorts of colors, I like diamonds. Even if they’re not real. I talked myself into them thinking surely they didn’t look TOO much like engagement rings and I’d of course be able to wear them whenever I wanted.

However, when they arrived the screamed either “wow, that ring her finace bought is incredibly fake” OR “that is some SERIOUS ring there, her finace must be rich!” Either way, the word finace was involved and I knew I couldn’t wear them out of my dorm room. Ever. But I’d put them on and wear them when I was alone because pretty things make me happy. I did not pretend to be married (or engaged), I just pretended to own a fabulously expensive ring. It was lovely.

This ring right here, or rather, one exactly like it, was my favorite:


And hey! You can have one just like it if you’re in the market for a fake diamond. I checked out good ol’ eBay last night and there are still all the fake engagement rings you could desire. The one pictured is on sale for $10.80! (See, I told you they were cheap.)

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