SAO Says: Looking Forward to Spring

8 Mar

What are you looking forward to wearing as spring approaches?

Stacey's spring picks

Stacey: I love spring! And I’ll be happy to do away with coats & boots. Spring is so much more comfortable & my outfits feel more relaxed. Or maybe I’m more relaxed in my outfits. Here are some recent Pinterest favorites. These are my go-to outfits for spring. I do love rolling up my jeans, thoughts? And I am definitely looking forward to flats!

Jenny J's Sam Edelman sandals

Jenny J: I just finally “bit the bullet” and purchased these Sam Edelman sandals that I’ve admired since last spring/summer. They look fantastic with shorts, dresses, pants–you name it. The nude color means that you can wear them with darn-near anything. Expect a whole post from me soon, on the virtues of nude shoes for spring/summer. I also have a love affair with orange, so these are on my radar for spring and summer as well. My toes, however, are in absolutely NO condition for being viewed by the public, so a pedicure is necessary before I can even contemplate wearing these cuties (and how weird am I, because I hate getting pedicures… I know, right?).

Hillary's spring picks

Hillary: I’m looking forward to print dresses and maxi skirts, which make me feel like I’m wearing jammies.

Gap cap-sleeve drawstring dress

Andrea: The thing I’m most looking forward to is wearing dresses and sandals. Even though it gets warm earlier in Texas, it feels weird wearing sandals and dresses before it’s officially spring.

N's fun wedges

N: I am looking forward to sandals!  I am loving how the styles this year, particularly wedges, remind me of the cute little sandals I wore as a kid in the early 80s.  My spring shoe wardrobe is in dire need of a restock so I’m looking forward to picking up fun, detailed, strappy wedges.

RA's ideal spring outfit

RA: I can’t wait to wear dresses and skirts without tights or leggings. I don’t mind wearing them, and I like to layer, but it’s so nice to just throw on a dress and a pair of flats and be DONE.

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