SAO Says: Valentine-Themed Outfits

8 Feb

Do you wear a Valentine-y outfit on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine-y looks from J. Crew

Danielle: Every year I think, “I need a heart tee or sweater” but then Valentine’s Day comes and I feel like a dork actually wearing it on that day. Maybe this year is my year to follow through!

Buster: I do not wear Valentine’s colors, but not because I have any great aversion to the idea. I just don’t own much red or pink and I refuse to buy a once-a-year shirt.

Hillary: I am not a Valentine’s Day fan and generally don’t like dressing to a theme on work days — parties and special occasions are a different matter. So, I probably will not be wearing a planned red- or pink-themed outfit. I have a lot of pink and red in my closet though — my pink-and-red paisley skirt comes to mind — so it’s possible that I might dress to the holiday by accident.

N: Yes! I try to add something red to my outfit (I don’t think I have a pink item in my wardrobe) but nothing that screams Valentine’s Day.  I think it adds a little fun for a day among a long stretch of wintery non-holidays, and makes me feel kind of young again, somehow.  However, I wasn’t always happily married and there were definitely Valentine’s Days in my past for which I wore black!

RA: I defiantly do not wear red or pink on Valentine’s Day. It just seems so cliché to me that I feel the need to wear GREEN or ORANGE and HEAR ME ROAR, HALLMARK, YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! I don’t know. It’s a meaningless rebellion, but there it is.

Stacey: I do not wear Valentine-y colors on Valentine’s Day but only because I don’t look good in red. I would not be opposed to some fun heart earrings or a fun red chunky necklace if I ever thought about how I could use it for Valentine’s Day props! So my answer is yes, I would, if I weren’t lazy. I love Valentine’s Day. I really like to do special things as a family. Last year I made a special dinner and we talked about the things we love. Sort of like Thanksgiving and what we are grateful for.


3 Responses to “SAO Says: Valentine-Themed Outfits”

  1. badger reader February 8, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    I own a ton of pink and red (probably a third of my closet), so I have lots of choices and enjoy wearing something festive. I also have sterling heart stud earrings from a former boyfriend that I still pull out every year (the relationship was short-lived, but it’s a nice reminder of one of the best valentines days I ever had).

  2. Becky February 11, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    RA, you crack me up.


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