SAO Says: A “Me” Outfit

25 Jan

What outfit feels like “you”?

Phoenix tee

Andrea: Although I try not to always dress like a college student, the outfit that absolutely feels most like me is a soft t-shirt and blue jeans. A friend bought me a shirt with this print on it at a Phoenix concert, and it’s currently #1 in the clothing rotation on weekends.


Becky: This is a horrible photo of me, but it show the outfit that feels like me: sweater, black pants, black patent heels. I love this Banana Republic sweater because it’s formal-ish and feels like something Jackie O or Michelle Obama might wear. I wear black pants to work almost every single day, and I love patent heels.


Hillary: Dress, tights, shoes — ankle boots in this case, but just as easily could be flats or knee-high boots. I love the ease of a dress and tights. You get the flirty, femininity of a dress, but the practicality of pants. I mean, I’m not bending over purposely and flashing my underwear in this outfit, but if the wind blows and someone gets a peek at my black-clad bottom, well, oh well. Sadly, I rarely get to wear tights. It’s one of the drawbacks of South Florida. So, I take advantage whenever I can — if the high dips below 80, chances are I’m busting out my tights — and in the summer, I translate this outfit to a maxi dress and flip-flops.


RA: I love wearing a cardigan, scarf (or big necklace in warm weather), and flats, usually in saturated colors, so this picture is pretty representative of that. And the watch is a must-have for me. I also wear dresses a lot because they are so easy — one piece! — and I would totally swap out the t-shirt and jeans for a dress in this instance. I have so many scarves and cardigans that this formula is really easy to throw on if I don’t know what to wear or I’m in a rush, but I still feel like myself, which I guess is something like nerd-cute, maybe? Even though I don’t have a pair of those nerd glasses.


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  1. Becky January 25, 2013 at 11:14 am #

    Yellow sweaters yaaaaaay!

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