4 Ways to Wear a Skinny Scarf

18 Jan

Reader Stefanie asked:

Now, have you tips for tying skinny scarves? My others are wider, and this one confounds me at bit.

Even though Becky has dubbed me The Scarf Lady (compliment? I think? Yes.), I do struggle with the skinny scarf. They tend to feel sort of drab and lifeless, which is definitely not what I’m going for in accessorizing. So, when I wear skinny scarves, my main goals are to create volume and use up length. Here are 4 ideas to try, all using a jersey scarf from Old Navy (sorry in advance for the headless torso shots):

Skinny Scarf Ties

Triple Infinity (Cowl): This is the same thing as the DYI Infinity tie shown in my favorite scarf video ever (4:02), but I loop it over my head an additional time and then scootch the knot so it rests behind my head. This is nice because it’s much less bulky than doing this trick with a wide scarf, which can end up looking like you just got treated for whiplash.

Double Basic Loop: This is the same thing as the Basic Loop (1:23 in the video), except that I loop the scarf around my head another time. Are we sensing a trend, here? Then, I weave the loose ends through the 2 loops to create more texture and fill in gaps. This picture is a little more hole-y than I prefer, but you get the idea.

Braid: I learned this tie from Kayley’s tutorial, and it looks like one of those trendy cloth necklaces to me.

Basic Loop with 2 Twists: Okay, this is a mutant tie of my own devising, so I broke it down in steps below.

Basic Loop with 2 Twists

  1. Start with a Basic Loop
  2. Take the middle loop section and twist with one hand.
  3. Pull the 2 ends through the twisted loop.
  4. With the other hand, twist the loop again in the same direction. (You can see this type of motion at 3:23 in the scarf video)
  5. Pull the 2 ends through again.
  6. Adjust as necessary. Done!

I hope that’s helpful, Stefanie!


2 Responses to “4 Ways to Wear a Skinny Scarf”

  1. Becky January 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    That last one is pretty cool.

    And yes, being The Scarf Lady is a compliment.

  2. Stefanie January 18, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    I tried that last one (with I think one fewer twist), and tried the basic loop as well, and I thought they looked weird with my skinny scarf. I think infinity may be my best bet–you’re totally right that the infinity trick probably works BETTER with skinny scarves because there’s less bulk. I don’t think I tried that one yet, so I shall do so. Thanks!

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