Winter Boots

16 Jan

You guys, the black boots didn’t work!  My third time was not a charm, unfortunately.  This time I really liked the boot itself, but they were super gapey around my calves (and I have some serious calves, people.)  They wouldn’t work with tights, and they wouldn’t even work with jeans.  My black boot mission is officially a bust this year.  Sniff.

However!  I do have some boots that I love and I want to tell you about.  My snow boots!  I have been lacking a good pair of these for awhile, which is really pathetic given we are avid skiers and, uh, live in COLORADO.  I mean, I was wearing Uggs and Merrell slip ons in the mountains.  So this year I was determined to get a great winter boot and you guys, I love these boots. They are warm, but not too warm, really soft inside, and are slip ons!  No maintenance whatsoever.  And, they aren’t terrible looking, given the moon boot-laden selection that’s out there this season.  I actually wear them to work on cold commute days, too.  Even though I only have to walk a block to my building from my parking garage, I like to save the heels of my work shoes when possible.  Anyway, I highly recommend these boots!

North Face Shellista Pull-On Shiny Winter Boot

North Face Shellista Pull-On Shiny Winter Boot

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