SAO Says: Favorite Cold-Weather Items

11 Jan

What’s your favorite style item for cold weather?

Cold Weather Items

Buster: I could not live without something around my neck – scarves, cowls, infinity scarves, shawls, whatever. I always feel warmer, which is necessary when I sit right under the arctic-blast air vent, and the pretty ones double as accessories. I have several hand-knit ones that I’ve made and received as gifts over the years, but my current favorites are infinity scarves. I’ve knit one for myself that is very similar to this one. This royal blue one (comes in other colors!), is soft and cozy and, because so much of my winter wardrobe consists of gray, brown, black, and white, I really like the pop of color it provides.

RA: Ever since I got a smart phone, my favorite thing in the winter has been convertible mittens: full warmth of a mitten + fingerless glove capabilities for a touch screen! I have 2 pairs from J. Crew Factory, where they are (ridiculously overpriced unless you find them on sale and have a coupon code, which I did, of course) amusingly called GLITTENS, oh, yes. And maybe there exists a person for whom that product name does not tip the scales toward purchasing, but I am not that person. Obviously.

Andrea: Long socks. I always love the first time it’s cold enough to get out my warm, knee-high socks.

Jes: My cold-weather staples are pretty typical – scarves and boots. I have a scarf paired to each of my coats as a default so I look a little bit more put together. If I pick out a different scarf to go with what I’m wearing that day, even better! (Though I’m usually in such a rush I don’t get around to it, hence the default.) As for the boots… I think I’ve mentioned them about 12 times, so you’re probably getting sick of them. I love, love, love my boots.

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