Go shopping because I can’t

9 Jan

This is the time of year when I start desperately wishing I lived some place that, at the very least, regularly had frost on the ground in the winter. All the stores start to put their winter stuff on sale to make way for spring and summer styles, and I find so many cute things — that would be completely and totally impractical in South Florida.

So, here’s what I would buy, if I could. Since I can’t, maybe you should.


The Double-Cloth Metro Coat from JCrew is on sale in red for $275 –pricey, I know, but winter coats are worth spending a little extra on, I think. They have it in pink for under $200. When I lived in a cold-weather climate, a bright-colored winter coat was one of the things that helped me through cold, dreary winter days, so I would argue a splurge might be in order.


The Mantilla Sweater from Anthropologie looks light enough I might actually be able to justify for $49.95. Maybe. Up north, I’d probably layer this over a button down or under a jacket.


Both the cowlneck and ribbed turtleneck from Gap are under $30. Contrary to what this blonde model would have you believe, they have colors other than navy.


At Banana Republic, I was eyeing this Heritage Button-Sleeve Pullover for $70 and another winter coat, this buffalo plaid one for under $200. It kind of looks like a robe or something my grandpa would have worn cutting wood, but with a cozy black scarf and smart hat, I think it would be fabulous.



So, go forth and shop. And don’t feel too bad for me and my tropical woes. Come February when you northern folks are thinking winter is never going to end and every day is gray, I’ll be very thankful for my sunshine and flipflops.


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  1. Stefanie January 9, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    You mean stores in warm climates still stock sweaters and coats in the winter? I’ve always wondered about this, actually. (I live in Minnesota, where yes, it’s easier to find a swim suit than a pair of gloves in February, but for the most part, stores follow the seasons as we’re in or preparing for them.)

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