My Favorite Christmas Present and the Emerald Sweater

8 Jan

I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry and I am not the kind of person who likes to change my jewelry everyday to match what I’m wearing. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic when other people do it and I will notice and be jealous of that but I just forget. I wear the same necklace every day. Without removing it. FASHIONISTA! I do have two other necklaces that I like but I even try to wear them OVER my everyday necklace and then I realize it looks stupid so in that case, I will remove it.  Just for fun, my everyday necklace is a simple silver chain with three things: a Saint Christopher medallion, a family tree, and a *Polish Falcon.

I’m just as boring when it comes to earrings. Same pair every day. I do remove these about every other night because if I don’t it starts to feel like the teeny tiniest sharpest blades every piercing through my ear holes and I want to die. But it takes until the pain is so severe that I finally remove them.

I am going somewhere with this post, DON’T LEAVE!

Anyway, last year? I asked for a watch for Christmas. I told my husband, “I want it to look like a mans watch. I want it big.”

He thought I was crazy. I thought he was crazy when I opened it, loved it, and he told me he got it at Meijer. Do you know what Meijer is? IT’S BASICALLY A GROCERY STORE.

He hates the mall.

I get a million compliments on this watch all the time.


But that was last year. This year I asked for a beautiful sterling silver beaded bracelet and look….there it is. I LOVE IT! I saw it at a kiosk in the mall. The Silver Mountain. I think that is their website, but I don’t see anything about bracelet’s. Anyway, that was my favorite Christmas gift this year.

So, the count down has begun. Fake job is almost over. Eight days to go. I’m planning on wearing my favorite office outfits for the next 8 days because I’m kooky like that.

One of my favorite sweaters this year (er, last year?) is this sweater from Loft.


I can’t find anything like it on their site, but I do know the color is emerald. This sweater has sleeves that only go to my elbows which worries me in the cold months but this sweater is so warm! I also love the way it sits on my waist, which this pic isn’t a good example, but the way it fits is not typical of a regular sweater and it makes it sort of fun! The best part was it was on clearance for 19.99. When I bought it one of the girls working there was wearing it with a black and white striped shirt under it and I thought it was perfect so that’s how I wear it. Copy cat extraordinaire! Lucky for me, I already owned a black and white striped shirt.

So in eight days it’s back to yoga pants and hoodies, I will need to learn to get really creative!

Happy New Year!

*My 4 year old doesn’t quite understand the Polish Falcon, I knew it when he asked, “Mommy, why is there a chicken around your neck?”


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  1. K January 8, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    The chicken-around-your-neck made me laugh. Also, we have Meijer here and sometimes they have GREAT STUFF. Like your watch!

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