New Year, New Clothes

4 Jan

Between Christmas, a trip to the outlets, and an amazing deal at the Gap, I have some new threads to show off in 2013! Here’s the loot, as fashionably arrayed in front of my pantry:


Christmas gifts:

  • Banana Republic striped sweater from my awesome sister! Green + stripes = I totally love it. It also has these cool grommet-y buttons on the shoulders that actually do unbutton, but I can’t imagine why anyone would ever take advantage of that.
  • Threadless tee from my husband featuring a glasses-wearing giraffe with a big stack of books! So cute, right? Unfortunately, it’s not available now, sorry about that. Funny-not-so-funny story about this one: I actually ordered it for myself in December because it was on sale with free shipping, and I gleefully took it out of the package and showed it off. He was like, “Yeah, someone might have bought that for you for Christmas.” GAH. And I scold my dad for this exact thing all the time! Duly reproached. But the situation was remedied, and now this is my actual gift shirt that I love love love. Pardon the wrinkly, but I had just yanked it from the laundry room where it was drying.

Outlet Buys

Finds from a trip to the outlets:

  • Striped henley from Gap (not sure about the original price, but I paid $6.59): I had a sort of size crisis as I was trying it on because my normal size was just a little tight. Then my inner Stacey and Clinton chimed in and told me to get over myself, so I sized up, and the top turned into a pleasant tunic-style top without the hulk-like tightness. I like the roll-up tab thingie on the sleeves, too, because then it can go from 3/4-length to elbow-length.
  • Print top from Banana Republic (originally $39.99 (!!), but I paid $7.19): This top has a mustard/gray print, and I imagine wearing it under cardigans and blazers for work and then with jeans on the weekends.
  • Sweaters from LOFT (both originally $39.99, but I paid $19.99 each): These sweaters are a little spendier than what I usually buy at the outlets, but it was one of those cases when they were both exactly what I wanted. I’ve been looking for a green cardigan forever, and the blue of this sweater is just-right Delaware blue, plus cute brass buttons. Done deal.
  • I also got some sneakers, but they’re, you know, sneakers.

Then, I went to the Gap, where there were some ridiculous sales, and I found these!

Green Jeans!

Yesss. Originally $69.99, these puppies were marked down to $19.99, and I SNATCHED THEM RIGHT UP. I usually go for the Always Skinny cut, but these are Legging Jeans, which feel basically the same to me, except that the material is thinner, and the 2 front pockets are fake. But I am not quibbling at this price. The very best part was that although they are a regular length, they fit my short legs with no hemming required. I love them so much. I wore them to a New Year’s Eve party (with a black top, cobalt bubble necklace, and leopard flats, thanks for asking), and I felt very festive, indeed.


4 Responses to “New Year, New Clothes”

  1. Rebecca (Bearca) January 4, 2013 at 11:55 am #

    RA, what an excellent haul! I love LOVE LOVE those green jeans. If only the Gap outlet was closer to me…

    • RA January 4, 2013 at 11:57 am #

      The jeans are from the Regular Gap! I don’t see them online now, but if you can get to a store, check it out!

  2. Audrey January 4, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    I know you already know this, but that print top is going to be GREAT under your mustard cardigan.

    • RA January 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

      Oh, that is happening FOR SURE.

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