Holiday Office Party Outfits

21 Dec

My department holiday party was on Tuesday, and since I only just started here in May, I wasn’t sure how dressy it would be. Plus, we have no dress code at the office. Seriously, some people wear jeans, sneakers, and hoodies every single day. So I asked someone on my team, and she said, “It’s a nice place we’re going to, so you know, people dress nicer than,” and she motioned to her jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan, “this.” Uh, helpful?

On the morning of the party, I noticed that people were wearing things like dress pants, heels, shiny jacquard jackets, and blazers, so I was pretty pleased with what I picked:

Department party outfit

  • Forever 21 dress: I bought this on a semi-whim last summer, by which I mean that I bored Twitter to death by agonizing over whether it was too short for a grown woman. But I’m glad I bought it because it looks way more expensive than it was and has pockets, and I think I’m managing not to look like a teeny bopper in it. I do like it with tights.
  • Black J. Crew cardigan: my sister got this for me years ago, and I still love it. I like how it’s cropped and made of a weighty material, so it can pass for a jacket. I think this is what helps this dress from being too junior.
  • Gold Anthropologie belt for a little sparkle
  • Target tights and flats: the shoes are Merona Meaghan flats from Target, and I am so sad that I can’t find them any more. I have them in black, red, and mustard, and I sort of assumed that they would always be around. RIP, perfect cheap ruffle flats.

A couple of details:

Twisted hairdo tutorial  Green ring

  • Twisted hairstyle: mine never looks exactly like this, but I learned the side-twisting technique from Kayley. After I twist the sides, I pull all of my hair back into a ponytail and pin it into a bun.
  • Green cocktail ring from LOFT: funny story about this ring — I couldn’t find it when I was getting ready that morning, but I had a vague memory of wearing it to work, taking it off to wash my hands, and never putting it on again. So, knowing me, it must be in the pocket of another piece of clothing. I went to my closet and dug in the pockets of the pieces I would normally wear with this ring, and huzzah! I found it in the pocket of a navy shirt dress! Winner!

Anyway! This outfit made me happy. I felt festive but not blatantly HOLIDAY, and I had a really fun time with my team.

On another note, my company-wide party was last Friday, and it was Ugly Sweater-themed. Does anyone else have a problem with these? They are kind of festive and funny, but I don’t want to buy clothes I know to be ugly. Blech. As luck would have it, my husband’s sister’s husband’s mom is a kindergarten teacher, and she wears junk like this unapologetically. Fortunately for me, she doesn’t mind that people borrow from her for this exact purpose. Here’s what I wore last week:

Ugly Sweater party outfit

  • Sweater: The scene is of Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, and the toys are all 3D appliques. It even came with its own lace collar!
  • Target jersey dress
  • Evergreen Forever 21 leggings
  • Enzo Angiolini boots

I wasn’t sure if people were going to participate, so I brought my ugly sweater in a bag and belted a striped cardigan over my dress to start. But then I saw that the senior management team was wearing head-to-toe costumes (Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch, Santa Claus, etc.), and I decided to go with it.

I’m getting even more mileage out of this sweater than I expected because my husband are going to a birthday party for a guy who loves everything “tacky Christmas.” I bought him one of those awful cards that sings and lights up, and I’m going to wear basically this same outfit just for him. It’s the Christmas spirit, right? Yeah, let’s go with that.


2 Responses to “Holiday Office Party Outfits”

  1. Becky December 21, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    I love both outfits, for different reasons. =)
    It’s too funny that your MIL let’s people borrow her clothes to wear to ugly sweater parties!

  2. swistle January 2, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

    I love this. I love the first outfit because it’s completely cute and pretty and dressy and also festive-looking. And I love the second outfit because the sweater is hilarious and yet not UGLY-ugly. Just like Hollywood-librarian-frumpy is not ACTUAL frumpy but more like Julia Roberts with her hair frizzed and wearing glasses, that sweater is amusing/adorable/perfect for an Ugly Sweater party, and yet you still look completely cute in it.

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