My Rainy Day Wishlist

13 Dec

It’s nearly winter-y here in California (well, on SOME days) and once again I find myself bummed about the rainy weather.  While some people get a bit down at the idea of cold or gray skies or dreary days, my problem with the rain is specific to the short walk at both ends of my commute.  I’m one of those people who DESPISES being wet and it seems like no matter WHAT I do I arrive at work with a solid 18 inches of drenched pant leg (or WORSE, drenched LEGGINGS), a soggy purse interior and a damp angle.  You know what I mean on that last one: the phenomenon where one side of your body gets drenched because that’s where your umbrella is detouring water/wind is gusting/a car splashed you.

So, in an effort to make these rainy days less painful and more dry, here are some items I’d love to try to see if they make a difference:

1. An amazing umbrella.

Bubble Umbrella

I’ll admit that I could really use an umbrella education.  Considering that my umbrellas either come from the local drug store or (if they’re fancy) the pile at TJ MAxx, I can bet that there’s something about umbrella technology I just don’t get.  This bubble umbrella I found on Amazon doesn’t have too many bad reviews and I think it’s really reasonably priced ($15.29 if you shop for the cheapest seller!) and adorable, but the shape of it actually makes me panic a bit.  These umbrellas make me imagine that every single drop of rain is being directed to drip off close to my body.  Reviews aren’t bad, but I think I’d rather take a chance on something with the highly scientific name of GUSTBUSTER:



Lightening resistant? Golf sized?  Pinchless open? (Well, really it got me with “golf-sized” because I think a significant part of my problem is that there just isn’t ENOUGH umbrella to be truly effective.) $29 if you buy the black, colors for just a few more dollars.

2. Actual Rain Boots.

I hear you, for someone who hates soggy clothes this seems like a no brainer.  The truth is, I’ve tried all SORTS of wellies.  But they have cracked, made me slip and looked like crazy-people shoes and the trouble I’ve experienced toting them has never outweighed any potential gain.  I’m curious if this is because I should try spending more than $10 and choosing from a non clearance-rack assortment, so I’m just going big and coveting the Hunter Boot:



(The embedded link here actually links to the Huntress, which is Hunter’s boot for wider calves (this is me).  If you are not similarly afflicted and are looking for the average width, head here!)

3. A good rain tote.

If I expect to keep my belongings dry, it seems like I should probably invest in a tote bag that will actually repel water.  My daily purse (I really never remember to change it out, so I’m just admitting I use the same one every day) is an awesomely cozy cross-body, but even though it’s leather with a zipper (which SEEMS water safe) I either never remember to zip it or I feel like I’m ruining the finish over time.  Since I’ll be needing to carry my real work shoes once I buy those awesome Hunter boots up there, I found this great Le Sportsac tote that comes in several patterns and has long, thick straps (straps that are wide and easy to get over outerwear are critical):



At $78, the price is steep but my local Macy’s carries the brand and often has sales and coupons if I can’t find a better price online. (Note: there are several discontinued colors at that link selling for $60 if you can find a pattern you like. And if you need more space, there is also a larger version of this tote in the same silhouette here.)

4. Um…



Fine, sparkly new Kate Spade earrings ($48) don’t ACTUALLY help with rain, but they sure would cheer me right up.  And that earns them a spot on this list.

Any rainy day tricks you’ve learned you’d like to pass on?  (I understand if now you can only think about those earrings, though.)



5 Responses to “My Rainy Day Wishlist”

  1. Erica December 13, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    I have picked up a few le sportsacs at Nordstrom rack. Worth checking. I wouldn’t call it the most super waterproof thing ever but they are really light and comfortable.

  2. Andrea December 13, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    I love those earrings!

  3. Stephanie M December 13, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    My parents have a black lab who has to be walked on a leash, because their yard has no fence and he can’t be trusted. I bought my mom this last Christmas, and she LOVES it. She talks about it all the time. It’s a little bit bigger than the one you linked above, but yet it’s cheaper???

  4. happilyeverme December 13, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    I think you may have just made my Christmas wish list.

  5. Lawyernomore December 17, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Hunter boots = worth every penny. And I saw some earrings very similar to the KS ones at Loft today, for around $20. Great list!

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