How many outfits do you need for Christmas this year?

6 Dec

Much thanks to lawyernomore for coming up with the idea for my post today!

For me, the hardest part of Christmas dressing is that there are so many days for which I’ll need an outfit. We have my husband’s extended family Christmas at his grandparent’s house, the “small” family Christmas at his mom’s house, then my family has an extended family Christmas, a Christmas eve celebration, AND Christmas day. That’s five outfits just for family gatherings!

While I certainly could repeat outfits, I try not to since these are days when a lot of pictures are being taken. My kids get Christmas outfits from each set of grandparents, plus assorted others in hand-me-down boxes, so even they don’t repeat clothes.

We dress up for the Christmas Eve service at church (dresses and heels), but the other events are fairly casual so I usually go with a variety of sweaters paired with jeans or skirts. I often try to mix it up with new jewelry if I’m wearing a sweater I’ve worn in past years.

Christmas 2009

2009: Sparkly sweater to dress up the jeans a little

Christmas 2010

2010: I guess this was the year of the red sweater

Christmas 2011

2011: The two-year-old wasn’t quite up for her fancy dress yet

How many Christmas gatherings do you go to? Do you tend to wear the same thing to each?


2 Responses to “How many outfits do you need for Christmas this year?”

  1. Melissa December 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    I think this year we’ll have Christmas with the inlaws and then my side. I don’t really know when. For my side, every time I try to look nice all I get is ‘why are you dressed up?’. So I don’t know that I’ll waste my time with that group…but I do intend to try to look nice for the inlaw side. My SIL is coming from GA with her husband and new baby girl and I’d like to look nice for them. I bought a silver and black striped old navy sweater dress (yesterday) so I might go with that, black leggings and black boots (since the boots will come off after we arrive). For our at home Christmas, I think we’ll be in pajamas for the gift madness and then we’ll clean up and head to wherever we need to be. I really hope these sweaterdresses I’ve bought look decent, I’d hate to be fooling myself. I love the last picture of you in this post, love the color of the sweater and the necklace, you look nice 🙂

  2. Buster December 6, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    I need at least 3, but they can all be pretty casual. If I manage a nice pair of pants and a clean sweater, I’ll be okay. Thank goodness; if I had to manage 3 fancy outfits, it would be a stretch.

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