Gap Grey and White Sweater

28 Nov

I went shopping on Black Friday. I wasn’t specifically “Black Friday” shopping, but lucky for me, I still scored a deal.

I got this sweater from The Gap. I wish I could remember exactly how much it was, but I think it was originally around $50 and I got it, 60% off plus an additional 20% off. I can’t even point you to it on The Gap’s website because what I think it is (the Boyfriend Pullover Sweater) even is out of stock.  What a horrible fashion blogger.

Anyway, my whole point is, if you find this sweater, buy it. Everything about the shirt is really nice. It’s not scratchy, the v-neck isn’t too deep, the sleeves are plenty long, and it’s not too short or too long. Sizing seems a little big, though admittedly, I haven’t shopped at The Gap in a while so I’m not completely familiar with their sizing. I normally wear a medium in tops, but I got this in a small, and it’s still roomy.


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