Non-Rolling, Pinchy, Binding, or Baggy Tights

20 Nov

Tights are wonderful. Pair them with boots and a sweater-dress and you have one of my go-to winter outfits. But there are some pitfalls, right?
Too-tight waistbands that leave you with muffin-top, waistbands that won’t stay put and slide or roll until they’re halfway down your butt, usually pulling your undies down with them. Tights that bind, tights that bag, leaving those weird wrinkles at your ankles…good tights are awesome. Bad tights make me want to cry.

I’ve been on a quest, trying several different kinds and brands, but I have 2 to tell you about today that are pretty wonderful..

First, Commando tights. At $36 a pair, these are an investment, but well worth it in my mind. They have a no-line waist that stays put and they don’t pinch, bind, or bag.
Also great and at a smaller price tag are the Assets by Sarah Blakely tights, usually available at Target. Less than half the price of the Commando tights, these are less painful if you run or snag them, but they’re comfortable and work under everything.

What are your suggestions for tights that don’t make you hate your life?

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