SAO Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers

18 Nov

Swistle has some really great posts about giving teacher gifts, including this post at her Milk and Cookies column at Work It Mom.

I asked some teachers I know on Twitter for other suggestions and received a bunch of good ideas.

Erin at State I Am In suggested candy, note cards, Starbucks gift cards, or Target gift cards. She also advised that the best present is a personal note or ornament from the student.

Megan at Mama Bub agreed with Erin’s suggestions and also seconded Erin’s advice to give a note or ornament from your kid.

NPW at Nancy Pearl Wannabe said she likes gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks.

Audrey at Sangria Lover said that her husband and she like restaurant gift cards (even in small amounts).

RA‘s husband said that he can’t eat all the baked goods he receives before they go stale, though he does appreciate them. He thirded the recommendation for a note from the student.

Our own Maura recommended pencils with literature quotes on them for an English teacher or bobblehead US Presidents for a history teacher.

The Etsy shop of Morgan Prather has really pretty necklaces for $23. Last year I gave each of my kids’ daycare teachers a different necklace from her shop.

If you live in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, or Wyoming, I recommend checking if there is a Lillian’s Shoppe near you. The one nearest to me always has gorgeous, high-quality scarves for $15 or so. If you know the teacher’s style, this could be a good gift.

If you give the teacher a note from your kid, I think some pens and post-it notes might be a nice addition. I looked at Miss Zoot‘s blog to see what kind of pens she most recently recommended because I know she is addicted to office supplies, and it looks like her most recent favorite was the Bic Triumph.

Do you know where I’ve found cute notecards recently at a decent price? Hallmark. They do not have a great website, so you’ll just have to trust me on this. Go in, and check it out.

Erin surprised me by emphatically requesting no mugs. I love giving mugs! I love getting mugs too! But you know, now that she says that, I can imagine you get a lot of mugs when you’re a teacher. A LOT. So. There you go. No mugs.

I think this year I’m going to get each teacher at my kids’ daycare a travel cup (the plastic kind with a straw) from Target or TJ Maxx and put a note and Target gift card inside. Hopefully, that won’t break the No Mug Rule.

What I should really give each daycare teacher is a nice bottle of vodka. I mean, my kids are great, but a whole classroom of little kids? All day? VODKA. (I do not actually recommend giving teachers alcohol.)

What excellent teacher gifts am I forgetting?


4 Responses to “SAO Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers”

  1. Audrey November 19, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    When I mentioned this post to my husband (a 3rd grade teacher), the first thing he said, before I’d even mentioned Erin’s no-mugs comment, was “No more mugs!” So, yeah. Enough with the mugs — teachers have more than enough!

    Gift cards, though, of all kinds are always appreciated. And whenever my husband gets a sweet note from a student, he always brings it home and shares it with me so we can swoon over the cuteness together. That, in itself, is a really great gift.

    Lots of great suggestions in this post!

  2. Jesabes November 19, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    I usually go with a combo of baked goods and a Starbucks card. Maybe I should put on there how well the cookies freeze so they don’t have to worry about getting to them before they’re stale!

  3. N November 19, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Last year we gave H’s daycare teachers each a pair of super soft socks, a scarf, and a Starbucks gift card – kind of a “put your feet up” theme. It went over really well.


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