SAO Gift Guide: The Husband

13 Nov

I bought my husband a watch for Valentine’s Day in 2006. The band has finally breathed its last breath after breaking and being repaired four times. My husband wanted me to just get it fixed again but after prying the watch out of his grip, I convinced him “Santa” was on the look out for a new one.

It’s tricky though. The watch has to be water-resistant and he prefers a light inside. I realized how important the light was to him when we went to a movie of my choice right after we were married. He needs to be able to see what time it is in a dark theater so he can count down the his last minutes of torture because I am terrible at picking out movies. He also liked that his watch had analogue and digital display. My husband just uninterrupted me during my writing…he reminded me to add that he also really liked the alarm and stopwatch features.

Apparently I bought him the MOTHER of watches and I’m afraid she cannot be replaced. Hold me.

Here’s what I’ve found so far.

I like this one although it’s missing the digital display.

I also like this one but it’s bit pricier than I would want. It’s not that he’s not worth it but I’m not so sure if he would like it.

But! After much searching (2 websites but A LOT of filtering!), I think I found the one.

I’m actually a little impressed with myself at the moment!

I’m feeling like this watch will be his main gift. I’m feeling like my main gift should be an iPad, that’s even, right?

It feels even.

Anyway, other things I like to get him?

Every few years I like to replace his headlamp. He uses it for work, camping, and other odd things around the house. I don’t question it. This one is only 10.99 at Home Depot.

Slippers are always a good gift too and my husband just mentioned he would like a replacement pair.

These, from Target, are bit pricey for slippers, but I like the option of being able to wear them outside in case he needs to run out in a hurry….like if his wife leaves the fence gate open and the dog runs away. It could happen.

And because my husband would rather die than go clothes shopping, I try to pick him a few things he might need (his Christmas is sounding a bit torturous gift wise).

Maybe a new sweater from The Gap.



Lastly, every year at Christmas I always buy my husband new socks and white t-shirts. He knows he’s getting them every year but he actually looks forward to it and let’s face it, those white t-shirts do not last much longer than a year. (I also buy him new underwear but let’s be honest, it’s not good blog material)

Hello! 41 more days to shop until Christmas (not counting today), that’s plenty of time!



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  1. Melissa November 13, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Our idiot dogs chewed the zipper off one of his favorite hoodie jackets. So my plan is to replace it with something as close as I can get. I like that headlamp..maybe he needs one of those too.


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