SAO Gift Guide: Toddlers

8 Nov

Today I have your toddler gift guide!

L to R, all from
Night Night Baby Sleeper Pajamas In Organic Cotton, Rio Red/White Striped
Roomy Footed Sleepers in Apple Red
Night Night Baby Sleeper Pajamas In Organic Cotton, Santa Dance

First up, there’s the always-popular gift of Christmas pajamas. I prefer the classic Hanna Andersson striped pjs (on the left in the picture above), plus, through Sunday, everything on their site is 20% off, so there’s not quite as much sticker shock. For some reason, I’m ok paying $25 for Christmas pajamas, but $32 seems like too much.

The one issue I have with them, though, is none of the holiday pajamas have feet. The sleeper in the middle photo above isn’t technically holiday-themed, I just thought it looked Christmassy. From catalog photos, it seems they want you to buy slippers or socks to match and that kind of annoys me when I’m already spending $25 (or $32) on pajamas. I might go with a warm winter-themed sleeper, instead, so they can be worn for several months after Christmas.

The Stacking Ring Maker from Land of Nod

I bought this for my son last Christmas. He was six months old at the time and couldn’t stack rings, obviously, but enjoyed looking at them and found them to be excellent teethers (which perhaps wasn’t optimal, but they’re made of all-natural rubberwood and the color/paint/whatever it is is non-toxic so I let him have at it).

Now that he’s a toddler, he LOVES them. After his cars and trucks, this is probably the most played with toy he has. I vastly prefer finding these wooden rings all over the house to cheapo plastic ones and it’s held up to a lot of abuse over the past year. You can’t even tell he used to chew on them.

Melissa & Doug Construction Wooden Chunky Puzzle
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Vehicles Maze Puzzle

Speaking of cars and trucks, you can never go wrong with a Melissa & Doug puzzle, right? Pictured above are the ones my son would like best, but they obviously come in all sorts of themes. (I had a hard time deciding between farm animals and construction vehicles.)

If you’re concerned about pieces getting lost or in the way, we’ve found the maze puzzles (pictured on the right) to be a good option. Our public library has several of these and both of my kids (ages 16 months and 3 ½) played with them for about 45 minutes nonstop last week. They seem like a gift that would grow with your child, too. The 16-month-old just likes to run the vehicles around the tracks randomly, but the 3-year-old found matching the vehicle to its home and figuring out how to get it there a fun challenge.

Gummy Bear Lights from

I thought these gummy bear lights would be both a fun and practical gift. For liability reasons, I’m sure, they’re officially listed as “not intended for children,” but I’ve been searching for night lights for my kids’ rooms and think they’d be perfect. The light is easily turned on/off with a squeeze of the bear’s belly and I like the one-hour timer option so the light doesn’t have to remain on all night.

A toddler might be a little young for putting it within their reach and letting them use the squeeze function, but I know my three-year-old would do well with it, so this might be another something they can grow into.

What are your toddlers getting this year?


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