SAO Gift Guide: Babies

6 Nov
  1. Zoo or aquarium membership – check the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to start. A single day trip to the zoo can be expensive and if things go off the rails early in the day, it can feel like a huge waste of money. Knowing that you have a membership and can come back next week if today goes badly makes it so much more likely that parents will go. Also check out local children’s museums or science museums.
  2. Little People.  Side note: check out The Adventures of Little People. Good for a giggle on days when you need one.
  3. Classic toys. A shape sorter, stacking rings, stacking cups, alphabet blocks, and bead mazes, these are all classics for a reason and never go out of style. Bonus: they don’t make any loud, irritating noises, nor do they require batteries.
  4. Teether. Everyone has Sophie la Girafe, but I like this little guyby the same company.
  5. White noise machine. This thing, I’m not kidding you, saved our sanity with our daughter. Just switching on the rain sound now has her settling down and getting ready for sleep. Consider tucking an extra set of batteries in the box, too.
  6. Anything Taggies.
  7. Books. The SkippyJon Jones books are great fun, Where the Wild Things Are is a perennial favorite, Eric Carle and Sandra Boynton books are very popular in my house, and everyone enjoys Guess how Much I love You. Or ignore my suggestions and get one of your favorite books from childhood.
  8. Recordable books.
  9. Hats. If you live in a chilly climate, hats are always being worn and lost, left behind in shopping carts, dropped in parking lots, and stuffed under the couch. We’ve lost 2 and it hasn’t even snowed yet. (One was a hat I handknit while I was pregnant and my sentimental little heart is breaking over that loss.) This one is adorable (it’s the bear ears, they get me every time) and we have this one, which is a great standard work-horse hat.
  10. Ball popper. I know, it’s loud and requires batteries, but it is the end-all-be-all of giggle-inducing toys in babies.
  11. Personalized name blocks.
  12. A minky blankie. Blankets are tough, because new parents get so many of them as shower gifts that it can be hard to justify another, but anything with minky, this wonderfully soft, snuggly fabric, is a winner with so many babies. If you sew, make it even more special and make it yourself, but these handmade ones on Etsy are well-made and super snuggly.
  13. Funny onesies. Know the parents first, since some of these can skirt the boundaries of good taste.
  14. Artwork.
  15. Kleynimals. Babies want to hold and chew on the keys, and not the fake plastic ones, no. They want YOUR keys, and they want to slobber on them, throw them around, and press the alarm button on your key fob over and over again. These Kleynimals jingle and jangle just like real keys but without the sharp corners, shrieking car alarm, or panic when you get to the car and can’t find them.

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  1. Jesabes November 6, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I love the personalized name blocks. They’d be good for learning to spell the kid’s name when he/she is older, too!


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