Help! What men’s coats are in style?

25 Oct

My husband, Thomas, has a gift card to Kohls and would like to get a new winter coat, but we have no idea what kind to get. It’s not vitally important he gets the cutting-edge style, but he doesn’t want to end up with something totally lame, either. We’re pretty sure Columbia coats/ski jackets are sooo ten years ago (don’t quote me on that, though!), but have no idea what’s “now.”

Here’s what we looked at:

Apt. 9® Solid Fleece Jacket

I like the cut of this one, but not in fleece. I’m not a big fan of wool jackets, either, because I prefer something more structured. Like leather, but not leather. As the description on a different jacket phrased it:  “Faux-leather construction offers a rugged look with light weight.” Whatever that means.

Chaps Double-Breasted Car Coat

Thomas liked this one. He said he prefers buttons to zippers (as do I). It looks sturdy and like it would be appropriate for a variety of occasions.

R&O Ottoman Hooded Shirt Jacket

We decided this is what we think is in style (although maybe not with the faux-fur lining this one has). Are we close? What kind of coat do you think a(n almost thirty-year-old) man should be wearing these days?

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  1. lawyernomore October 25, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    My husband has had for years: a brown leather bomber, a charcoal zip up wool coat, a black leather jacket, and a black wool topcoat for suits. Those seem to cover the bases for him and he always looks in style.. I like your second option above!

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