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23 Oct


Skirt: Banana Republic, thrifted

Shirt: Kohl’s

Sweater: Target (still for sale)

Boots: Not Rated

General Thoughts: I love this skirt a lot: the shape is one of my favorites and it has pockets, which I adore. I love this sweater – it’s soft, cuddly and the drapey open-front cardigan thing is one of my favorite trends right now. That said, I think the combination of sweater/skirt here was a mistake, leaving me looking boxy and without any waist. I think a simple long sleeve shirt, tucked in, or a cropped jacket or sweater would have been a better choice.


Skirt: Ann Taylor

Blouse: Kohl’s.

Scarf: dug out of the back of my car after an unfortunate coffee/pothole incident.

Shoes: R2

General Thoughts: I am trying to branch out and wear more color; most of my professional wardrobe consists of gray, black, navy, and white. This shirt was on clearance for very cheap and provided a nice amount of color. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it.

(Also, a side note: I hate my haircut. Hate hate. It’s mom hair.)


Pants: Ann Taylor

Tank: Express

Cardigan: Target

Shoes: Charles by Charles David.

Necklace: hand-beaded by a friend.

General Thoughts: First, I should have zoomed in, sorry. Second, how boring is this? I do love the shoes (which are totally invisible in this picture, but they’re a nice black and gray round-toe pump), but could this outfit be any more bland? You can see why I need color, right? Also, I lost a little weight since buying these pants and I need to have them taken in; they bag and crease and fit poorly.

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago (so excited!). This means my former wardrobe of jeans, sneakers, and a rotating selection of long sleeve t-shirts is no longer an option. My professional wardrobe has been boxed in my basement, and most of it was purchased three years and thirty pounds ago, so I really need to update it, but need to do so on the cheap; suggestions for your favorite places to find good professional clothes at a steal?


3 Responses to “What I Wore”

  1. Hillary October 23, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    LOFT’s clearance rack can be good. I’ve also had some luck at JCPenney’s, which I know is not the trendiest place to shop, but they have good, affordable pieces to build a work wardrobe around.

  2. RA October 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    First off, YEAH YOU for losing 30 pounds! That is awesome and totally deserves a nice wardrobe upgrade. I feel like in this situation, it would be better to get just a few good pieces that you can wear all the time, even if they are not that cheap. So, this is where I would start:

    Dress pants: my favorites are the Express Editor and LOFT Julie fits
    Dress (instant outfit!): faux wrap style or something that accents the smallest part of your waist, maybe at Old Navy or Target (look for a heavier weight jersey so it doesn’t look like a cover-up), but the nicer retailers (Banana Republic, LOFT) should start having decent promos now
    Blazer: I’ve found good ones at H&M and Gap. If you can get away with a knit one, even better, because it looks awesome but feels like a hoodie

    And then mix in some cheapie scarves and necklaces! Done!

  3. Michelle October 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    I agree with Hillary – Loft can be good as well as JCPenney’s. NY&Company is hit and miss. Sometimes really cute. Sometimes, not so much.

    I tend to spend a bit more on things I’m going to wear a lot: black and gray pants, cardigans, etc. And then I buy cheaper, trendier things that rotate out of my closet in a year or two.

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