New Tops At Loft – The Good And The Not-So-Good

22 Oct

I was going to write a post about in-store clearance at Banana Republic. I went and tried a whole bunch of stuff on, but it was all unflattering. Here’s a summary in photo format.


All of these things looked bad on me and/or were too expensive. There you go.

So I went to Loft on Friday and had better luck there, but no photos of me. I’ll still tell you how it worked out.

The Loft Tiger Print Sheer Sweater is really loose and really sheer. It was cute, but I’d definitely go down a size. In the picture below, it looks about twice as fitted as it actually is.

The other sweater I tried on is the Slubbed 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan. This cardigan fit me weirdly. It almost fit like it was tapered, loose on top and tight at the bottom.

And now for a good review. I really liked the Rice Dot Split Neck Ruffle Tee. Cute colors, cute fit, cute patterns. Thumbs up!

The Pleated Chiffon Overlay Shell poofs out really big in an unflattering way. No.

Finally, we have the Animal Print Knit Woven Top. The very top of the shirt is sheer, but the rest is solid. I really liked this shirt, except on me it was too long. (I’m 5’2″.) It’s really flowy, and I may buy it in petite next time it goes on sale.

Have you found anything good at Loft lately?


2 Responses to “New Tops At Loft – The Good And The Not-So-Good”

  1. Lisa C October 22, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    what is it with the banded-at-the-bottom-and-blousy look that is so popular these days? It looks good on pre-teen girls, and no one else. I hate that look.

    I find that Loft has really great, totally my style clothes when I am pregnant and not willing to buy them. When I am not pregnant, I can’t seem to find anything I like in there.

  2. Maggie October 23, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    I bought that ruffled long sleeve T in that exact print, then I returned it because it just looked like pajamas. But pajamas that fit very well. SIGH.

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