SAO Says: Trends for Fall and Winter

19 Oct

Every so often, we’re asking Style All Over contributors to weigh in on a style question, and we’re excited to hear your thoughts, too! Here’s our first installment of SAO Says.

What trend are you excited to try in the cooler months? 

Jes: Skinny jeans. I bought my first pair yesterday and am excited for the cooler months so I can try tucking them into my boots.

RA: Bright tights! So far, I have purple and turquoise (one of each, I mean), and I’ve taken them each out for a spin once. I wore the purple ones with flats, and I felt SO VERY PURPLE. Then I wore the turquoise tights with boots, and I felt like everyone’s eyes went straight to that strip of bright blue at my kneecaps. But I think I’ll get used to wearing them soon, and I do like how punchy they are.

Becky: I’m really excited to try the leather trend as the weather gets chilly. I’m not very edgy. I can’t help it; I’m a nerd. I am hopeful that I could pull off something with a little bit of leather. Maybe a blazer with leather trim. Or maybe even a full leather jacket. I love this one by Bernardo.

How about you? What trend do you want to try as the temperatures go down?


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  1. Hillary October 19, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    Bright tights are so fun! I love them and wish I could wear them more often.

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