What to Pair with Bright Pants: Monochromatic Polka Dots

11 Oct

Like many others, I’ve invested in a few pairs of colored jeans and cords. The other day, I saw someone wearing red cords and a polka dot blouse and BAM! I realized that this is a look that I need to replicate. I own exactly nothing with polka dots, so I immediately started scheming. Here are a few things I’ve found that I’m craving.

First up, we have Anthropologie’s lovely Dotty Monochrome Blouse. Look how cute this is with the orange cords the model is wearing.

Next up, we have the Halogen Dot Print cardigan from Nordstrom. Same color scheme as the Anthro blouse, but with a less flowy and more tailored look. Also, note the colored pants it’s paired with. Apparently I did not invent this idea, eh?

If you’re not ready to commit to all-over polka dots, I love the idea of a scarf. I found a cute one at Old Navy that was cheap, but I can’t seem to find it online. It looked a little like this one, but with slightly smaller polka dots:

This is the Kate Spade “Picture Dot” wool scarf. At $98, it’s a bit steep for my taste, but I don’t live in a climate that requires wool scarves, so maybe it’s not that bad if you do? I’m not hip to the cold weather accessories.

But I AM hip to the idea of polka dots. Have you seen any other items I should consider?

{Photo credits: anthropologie.com, nordstrom.com}




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  1. Michelle October 11, 2012 at 9:26 am #

    This is my new favorite outfit. I got pink ankle pants from loft and a black with white polkadot shirt. I got lots of compliments. It will make an appearance at The Blathering.

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