9 Oct

I love fall in Minnesota – the leaves are changing, the sunlight is softer and changes the way everything looks, and it’s time to haul some of my favorite clothes out.

In particular, I have a couple of sweater dresses that I adore. I often wear them over tights or leggings and with my favorite knee-high boots.

There are a couple of different styles out there that I am loving this season.

This one, from Old Navy, is a little bit “Shirt? Or Dress?” to me – a tiny bit too short. But over leggings instead of tights, I think it would be pretty cute, and I love this green.

From Target, I like the neck detail on this one, and the length is more appealing. I love the way dolman sleeves like these look on other people, but I always end up looking like a linebacker.

And, finally, from Ann Taylor, I adore this dramatic cowl neck.

I think all three of these dresses would look great belted, and a coworker recently wore this great double-buckle belt from Target that would be perfect.


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  1. Melissa October 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    I love that Ann Taylor sweaterdress, but all my sweaters end up misshapen. I’m going to have to start hand washing aren’t I.

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