Reader Question: Belt shopping

5 Oct

Style All Over reader Erin asked us to find a “really awesome belt” to go with her gorgeous new dress:

My first thought was all gold accessories, including a wide, shiny gold belt. Turns out shiny gold belts – especially wide ones – are hard to find. Here’s what I came up with:

  • ASOS Metallic Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist Belt (ASOS): $10.55
    After no luck in all my usual places, I finally found almost exactly what I was looking for through Googling (though it could be a little wider), but I’ve never heard of this store. On the bright side, the belt is only 10 bucks.
  • Foiled Metallic Skinny Belt (Express): $17.43
    Initially I rejected the idea of a blue belt on the blue dress, but I think this could be a way to go metallic without being quite as daring as the gold.
  • Fossil Shotbead in Antique Gold (Zappos): $32.00
    If that first belt looks like it might blind you, this one is a little more muted and I like the shotbead detailing. I think this is my favorite gold belt. (Too bad it’s the most expensive!)

I also think brown belts would pair well with the dress and would be great if you’re going for a more casual look. I picked belts with detailing because I thought plain brown belts didn’t match the stylishness of the dress.

  • Floral embossed belt (Gap): $39.95
    I’d go with the “olive” option in this belt, which looks pretty close to dark brown. I like the subtleness of the detailing on this one.
  • Tooled Jeans Belt (Eddie Bauer): $49.95
    This one is a little out there. I never would have thought of pairing an Aztec-design belt with the dress, but for some reason I think it would work – with cowboy boots, of course.
    Eddie Bauer has lots of sales, so even if you’d never pay $50 for a belt – I wouldn’t! – you can probably find a pretty good coupon code. Same goes for the Gap belt.
  • Style&co. Belt, Wide Woven Stretch (Macy’s): $10.99
    A stretch belt may be the way to go with this dress so it will stay put around the waist.

As I said, I originally thought gold, but when I came across these cheetah/leopard print belts I immediately knew this is what I would go with:

  • Metallic Cheetah Print Belt (New York & Company): $17.46
    The ‘gunmetal’ is my first choice out of all the belts (I’d wear it with silver accessories), but I love the ‘dark brown’, too.
  • Wide Leopard Print Belt (Old Navy): $17.50
    I wouldn’t pay full-price for this one – it seems to be typical Old-Navy cheap, but if you found it on sale, go for it!

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  1. PinkieBling October 5, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    Those are all SO cute! I agree, cheetah is the way to go, but I really love that third brown belt.

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