Flat-soled boots for sensitive feet

27 Sep

My feet are…how should I phrase this…temperamental, I suppose. They need to be properly supported at all times or they’ll let me know they are displeased. I wore tennis shoes* almost exclusively through college. I even got special permission to wear fancy-ish tennis shoes that could be worn with my prescription orthodic inserts when I had an internship in an office environment (sexy, right?)

When I graduated and got a “real job,” though, I wanted to wear something a little less ugly.  I can’t remember where I heard this (My podiatrist? The internet? Word of mouth? I honestly have no idea.), but someone or something told me Born shoes have good support and might work for me. I’ve rarely worn anything else in the five years I’ve been at my job and always have a black pair and a brown pair, replacing them as necessary.

Last year I discovered Born, specifically their b.o.c. by Born (lower-end) line, makes boots – boots without heels, even – and it changed my life. I can wear boots! I could even wear skirts! (I’d never worn them to work before, because how exactly are you supposed to pair a skirt with black dress shoes?)

Do you want to guess what boots I bought? A black pair and a brown pair. I pretty much alternated them all last winter. I love these boots. They are SO comfortable and look great with everything.

b.o.c. by Born Annarella – available at DSW for $119.95

b.o.c by Born Martina – on clearance for $89.94 with only a few sizes remaining (sorry!)

(This summer, after Maura posted about them, I even bought a pair of Born ballet flats. They’re nowhere near as supportive as loafer-style shoes, but I wear them once a week or so. I’m starting to actually have a shoe collection!)


*Remember the accent vlog? My answer to “what do you call gym shoes?” has always been tennis shoes. Even though I’ve never played tennis. Occasionally I’ll call them running shoes. Sneakers are what old people say. I can’t remember the other things people call them.


2 Responses to “Flat-soled boots for sensitive feet”

  1. Becky September 28, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    First of all, it’s sneakers.

    Secondly, I have sensitive feet too, so thanks for these suggestions.


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