Vacation Style: San Francisco

18 Sep

So apparently all the Style All Over writers like going to the cooler part of the West Coast. RA wrote about her trip to Seattle, and Danielle, Rebecca, and I have all gone to San Francisco recently. I thought I’d share a few outfits from my trip because they’re decent examples of layering for Fall. San Francisco has so many microclimates: on one block it’s sunny and 75, and 10 blocks away it’s 65 and shady. You have to be prepared.

We went down to the Stanford area to see my best friend from high school and also the fabulous Miranda. I wore my pink pants.


Halogen ‘Taylor’ Curvy Fit pink pants from Nordstrom, tieredwhite tank from Banana Republic (no longer available online), navy cardigan from Lands End (old), Cole Haan Air Reesa Ballet Flats via Endless

Another day when we were going down to the wharf, which is cooler, I wore this.

Sweater from Banana Republic (last year) – here’s another navy and white sweater from Banana Republic

This photo was taken after a long day, obviously, that included a child’s car barfing incident.

One day we went to Golden Gate Park, and I wasn’t sure how the weather would be there.


Coldwater Creek tiered tank and cardigan (both old), Levi’s 529 Curvy Bootcut jeans via Kohl’s (these are regular length, I really need short as I’m 5’2″)

FYI, I did wear shoes to Golden Gate Park.

Finally, I wore this for our last day.


H helped me with my photography.


Jewel-button cardigan from Banana Republic, Lands End tank (old), same Levi’s 529 jeans from Kohl’s

I had to get some new clothes for the kids for the trip since they had grown out of their Spring and Fall clothes.

I got Ree’s Mickey Mouse hoodie from Target.


Ren’s shark hoodie is from Old Navy, and a significant number of strangers complimented it.


Finally, my new favorite outfit is also from Old Navy.


I don’t typically pack a lot of jewelry when traveling because I’m afraid to lose it. On this trip, I packed a pair of Kate Spade starfish earrings and wore them every day.

I don’t really dress up for vacations, but I do realize I’ll be photographed more often than I am in everyday life, so I dress accordingly. My main goal is usually not to look like a tourist. What’s your philosophy about what to wear when you travel?


4 Responses to “Vacation Style: San Francisco”

  1. elleinadspir September 18, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Layering is key in the bay area. I grew up always planning outfits that worked well in the cold morning and the warm afternoon. Not always easy! And yes…not looking like a tourist is my main goal too!

  2. RA September 18, 2012 at 9:30 am #

    I think comfortable and supportive shoes are my top priority when traveling. I try to avoid looking like a tourist, too, and dress as closely to my normal self as I can, but my normal day consists of sitting and driving all day, not walking and taking pictures. So, something has to give. But you’re right about there being more pictures of you on vacation. Tricky!

  3. Jesabes September 18, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    My main travel-wear philosophy is also picture related: I try to wear something different every day, or, if it’s a trip where some re-wear is necessary, I’ll try to mix pieces differently or wear repeats on a day when not many pictures will be taken.

  4. Andrea September 21, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    Man that headlock really accentuates your eyes!

    I try to dress ok on vacation for pictures too, but then when I’m sweating for the majority of the trip, I try to pick solid, dark t-shirts that don’t look too ratty and also don’t show the sweat marks. I don’t guess you had that sweat problem in SF.

    What I’m really on the hunt for though is some comfortable, non-dorky shoes, non-tennis shoes that I can wear all day on vacations without hating myself. I bring other shoes for times I won’t be walking so much, but almost always end up defaulting to the tennis shoes or some flip flops, because my feet will hurt so bad if I don’t.

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