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11 Sep

I love handbags – little wristlets for nights out with friends, cross-body bags in wild prints for days at the beach, and huge tote bags to haul all my detritus back and forth to work.

I have several bags I alternate between as work bags, but they are all getting a little old and worn, so it is time to think about replacing them.

I have pretty specific requirements when it comes to work bags:

  • Big. Huge. Cavernous, really. I have a lot of stuff: wallet, phone, keys, kindle, knitting project, my laptop (rarely), toiletry bag, my lunch, a water bottle, and sometimes my shoes (we have weather here; it is fairly common to wear boots and pack nice shoes to change into once indoors and out of the muck).
  • Durable. Like I mentioned, I haul a lot of stuff back and forth to the office. A paper thin or delicate bag is doomed.
  • Straps of an appropriate length – easy to fit over my shoulder without contortionist acts, but not so long that I have to wrestle the bag. I like it to tuck tidily under my arm and be contained with an elbow.
  • At least one exterior pocket.

This would be my splurge purchase if I had a couple hundred dollars kicking around I didn’t need:

Frye Campus Shopper

The Frye Campus Shopper. I love the weathered leather and it has my favorite side pockets.

The Marissa Tote from St. John’s Bay. This one is a little smaller than I normally like, but the burnt orange color is awesome!

I saw this one while shopping and like the pinked edge along the top, and it is a great size, but I don’t like that it’s not lined. Banana Republic Paige Pinking Shears Tote.

The interior of this Anne Klein divided in half, which I find incredibly satisfying organizationally speaking, and the snake print is just a little bit sexy, but a white bag would be a mistake. I would end up leaning against a freshly painted wall or something.

What about you, do you have a special bag or bas for work or do you just carry your regular purse? Do you have a list of requirements?


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  1. RA September 11, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    I have a utilitarian Patagonia messenger bag that I got as a gift from my first job, and I’ve used it for work ever since. It’s super durable and can fit my laptop, lunch, and a small purse. The best thing is that it’s laptop-safe, which I need because I am a total klutz. Unless I got a job somewhere really formal, I can’t see giving up this bag because it’s so functional.

    That Frye bag is super nice, but hoooly crap, the price. No, thank you, ma’am!

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