Reader Question: Wedding Guest Outfits For A New Mom

7 Sep

Buster‘s friend asked us for some style help because she has to attend a wedding just a month after having a baby. I feel like I can answer that question because I had to read at a wedding about 3 months after having my daughter. Plus- let’s be honest – I still dress to hide my stomach.

I don’t know how fancy the wedding you’re going to, but one of the benefits of just having a baby is that people will cut you slack, so you can dress a little more on the comfy side than on the fancy side if you want.

My main suggestion for a dress would be to find either a wrap dress or a dress with an empire waist- both because they are flattering and easier to breastfeed while wearing.

This first dress has an empire waist and ruching, which should be good to camouflage your midsection. The SL Fashions sleeveless dress is $109 at Macy’s (before any sales) and is currently available in sizes 4P, 10P, 12P, and 14P. If you are not any of these sizes, this at least gives you an idea of a style that might work for you.

The pattern and gathered waistband of this Suzi Chin dress ($74.50 at Macy’s in sizes 0-8) should also have some good camouflaging effects.

This NY Collection dress is in a comfy jersey material, has an empire waist and rouching, but best of all, is less than $40 at Macy’s. It comes in black and the pretty-but-horribly-named moistberry. (Seriously, moistberry??? Is the color “raspberry” trademarked?)

Dillards has a London Times faux wrap dress for $90 that you can wear into fall. The pattern is busy, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Do you have long legs, and are you willing to wear high heels? I like this Botanica reversible skirt from Coldwater Creek ($99), because I think the pattern, flair, and elastic waist are both flattering and comfortable. I think you have to wear high heels with a mid-calf length skirt though to avoid looking dowdy.

I might wear this skirt with a white shell like the one below (Coldwater Creek tiered beads shell – $69.95) and an open red knit cardigan.

And now I’m going to recommend three more shirts that I think would be pretty with your standard black skirt or pants. Ready? They’re all from Coldwater Creek. They are the sheer brilliance top in dark mallard ($59.95), the graphic tiered shell ($69.95), and the sheer dots shell ($69.95).

I loved the double-layer sleeveless top from Banana Republic ($45) so much, I bought it in two different colors. It looks great under the Banana Republic jewel-button cardigan ($59.50), which I also bought in two colors. I had a coupon!

Maybe you want a more low-cut shirt if you are going to nurse at the wedding. In that case, I’d suggest the following: the Jones New York Signature Striped Surplus top for $49 at Dillards.

Now let’s focus on black skirts. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a black skirt.

I hate to recommend the following skirt because of the brand name, but the Horny Toad (See? Ick.) Chaka Skirt ($56 at Zappos, sizes 2-10) gets great reviews.

The Carve Designs High Point Skirt ($52 at Zappo’s) is another easy, comfy black skirt. These aren’t the fanciest black skirts, but I’m going for easy and wearable, not fancy.

Dillard’s has the Chaus Solid Pleated Skirt for $35.40.

I hope this gives you at least a good starting point. Have fun!


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  1. CharlieSue September 7, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    This Old Navy one is less that $20 and might be a good stand-in for the (ahem) Horny Toad (ahem) one!

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