Reader Question: Cowboy Boots

6 Sep

“I want some (brown) cowboy boots for the fall. Help me find some?” – @chattycricket

All of us here at Style All Over love to shop, so a reader asking for help is right up our ally. Being the resident Okie, I was up to answer this question. Although I was born and raised in California, I have been here in Oklahoma City for 10 years….and have acquired 5 pairs of boots in that time. When you shop for boots there are a few things to think about; the toe, the height and how detailed you want them.

Ok. First up, the toe:

I am a fan of the snip toe. Pointy, but not too pointy. But this is all about personal preference.

Then look at height:

There are also plenty of 13 and 14 inch options. This is a good time to think about how you want to wear them. Are you wanting them over or under jeans, or both? With skirts?  A local store here, Langston’s Western Wear, asked a few bloggers to share how they wear their boots. This Style Guide is a good way to start envisioning outfits in your head. All the heights work for all the options, but some might work better for your personal style and/or body type.

You also want to think about the details…do you want a simple boots, or one with a lot of embellishment?

And it goes without saying that you need a good fit. I have been told that a bit of “heel slippage” is normal and expected. You want that slip in the heel, but them to be snug across the top of your foot. Langston’s has a Boot Buying Guide that has more fit info in it.

Ok…so what boot do I recommend? I am guessing this is the readers first cowboy boot purchase, with that in mind, I would pick a simple, mid-height boot with minimal details. Something easy to wear with everything. My top 3 picks, Justin Bent Rail Boots, Dan Post El Paso Boot, Corral Goal and Lizard Boots.

I love shopping for boots. Seriously, I do. I can’t wait for boot, jean and sweater weather. This 100+ stuff is killing me! In an attempt to kick off Fall, I asked the good people at Langston’s if they wanted to offer Style All Over readers a coupon and they said “Yee Haw”….no, not really – but they did say yes. Now through Sunday use the code “Boot10” for 10% off any pair of boots. I didn’t link to every boot in this post, just my top 3 picks, but if you want links to anything else, just leave a comment and I will give you the link. Hope this helps @chattycricket! Can’t wait to see what you pick!


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  1. Simon Agirlandaboy (@Simon_the_boy) September 7, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    My wife and I got our boots via mail from Langston’s Western Wear. Awesome service, nice people, etc. etc. I highly recommend them for all your styling boot needs.


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