An Everyday Neckace

5 Sep

This past Christmas, I added this Rose Gold on Gold chain horseshoe necklace from the Etsy seller, Olive Yew Jewels to my wish list, and my mom was awesome enough to get it for me. I wish I could remember where I first saw it, because I’m so glad I did. My picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

I wear it all the time. It’s nice enough to wear on dressy occasions, but I also wear it to work and on the weekends pretty frequently.

Olive Yew Jewels currently has a couple different versions available. A Rose Gold on a Rose Gold chain, Sterling Silver on a Sterling Silver chain, Rose Gold on a Sterling Silver Chain. And if the horseshoe isn’t your style, the seller’s got several other really cute designs for sale. I’m actually thinking of adding a few more to this year’s Christmas list.

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