My Favorite Accessory: ModCloth Through the Wire Headbands

30 Aug

I have fine, straight hair that pretty much refuses to do anything. It won’t stay in an updo without several packages of bobby pins and headbands rarely stay put. I’m also accessory challenged and have a terrible time choosing accents (which I why I own only three necklaces).

Several months ago, I received a ModCloth Through the Wire headband in my Birchbox and fell in love. I love the retro fifties-style look and since it stays in place via a wire instead of using elastic or being headache-inducing tight it’s the first headband I can keep on my head. I’ve noticed there aren’t usually many options on ModCloth’s website – right now there are two: the red polka dot I have and a flowered one called bouquet – but I’ve had good luck finding them on eBay.

At $13.99 or less, it’s an accessory I can stock up on and – bonus – my one-year-old son can’t grab and break it like he does necklaces. I also like coming up with new ways to style it.


Wrapped (sorry about the towel)

Full-on housewife

Check out for a few more styling suggestions (and let me know if you figure out how to do the fancy bow thing in the listing).

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